How Not to Teach Your Cat to Stay Off the Counters.

  Contrary to popular belief,  veterinarians are not animal trainers. I know we’re expected to be masters of all things animal, but like all professions, we have our strengths and weaknesses. I can diagnose and treat the myriad diseases and maladies that my patients suffer from with the best of them. Just don’t ask me … More How Not to Teach Your Cat to Stay Off the Counters.

Mark My Words…

…I will never raise kittens again. They are very sweet, but holy moley: I thought I was busy before– juggling a job, two kids, and a dizzying myriad of other obligations. Apparently I used to have lots of free time, and these kittens have sucked it all away. The coolest thing about all this is that I’m now too … More Mark My Words…

Gambino Goes Home

Sorry this post is a little delayed, hopefully you have been following the AMCoP web page for updates. Quick sidebar: my husband was discussing someone he knew with a photographic memory last night. The guy could remember anything. This got me thinking: if a woman has a photographic memory, does she get to keep it … More Gambino Goes Home

On Surgery, Amputations and Zombies: A Gambino Update

First and foremost, Gambino (aka “Tony”, aka “Gambit”) is recovering beautifully. He went off fluids and onto oral medications (as opposed to injectable) yesterday. He’s starting to get the hang of this new three legged walking thing. If you’re just tuning in and want to know what the heck I’m talking about, start here. Next, … More On Surgery, Amputations and Zombies: A Gambino Update

Surgery Day

So today was the big day. Little Gambino (Who the staff is referring to as “Tony”, and honestly his personality is more that of a Tony than a Gambino, so I think I’ll call him Tony) had his front leg amputated. Surgery went well, he had no complications. He’s vacillating between totally stoned and crying … More Surgery Day

Gambino Update Day 2

So, today, just for grins, I looked up the meaning of the word “Gambino”. Per Google: “Gambino, name meaning. Italian: from a diminutive of gamba “leg”, probably applied as a nickname for someone with short legs.” I mean, sure he was actually named after some rapper guy, but, that aside: the name is pretty fitting. He … More Gambino Update Day 2