So, Branch the cat, just took the liberty of walking across my keyboard. I decided to go ahead and let the result of that stroll be the title of this blog entry because, why not?

After two months at Mazie’s I think the top 5 things I see so far are:

  1. Heartworm positive dogs*
  2. Crazy skin conditions
  3. Weird neurologic diseases
  4. Horrific bone fractures
  5. Nightmare dental cases
  6. (I added this as a bonus) Maybe 20% perfectly healthy pets just getting shots.
  7. (bonus #2) IHNFIDWGO cases, maybe 25-50% depending on the day. (IHNFIDWGO= “I Have No [adjective, bad word, starts with “F” and ends with “ing”] Idea What’s Going On) I think the staff particularly loves these, because, I generally spend a significant amount of time walking around telling myself to “focus” so I can conjure some kind of coherent plan out of thin air.

Anyhoo, kudos to you people who own pets and actually provide them with basic care. You get a gold star for pet responsibility, because when these pets lack your ministrations, they can become total train wrecks.

Interestingly, in private practice, the majority of patients I saw were terrified and utterly unhappy to see me. My theory is that these pets are out of their comfort zones. They’re scared, their owners are nervous, and nothing good ever happens at the vet’s office.

Conversely, the majority of Mazie’s patients I see seem kind of cautiously optimistic and strangely grateful that we’re taking care of them. I’m probably totally anthropomorphizing (Look it up, word of the day!), but I like to think they’ve had such a bad run that they’re just happy someone is being nice to them. Finally they get to be warm and fed and loved, even if it’s just by a temporary foster.

I’ve got to get better at taking photos at work, so I can share some of these crazy cases.

In the meantime, here are some pictures from the last couple weeks (caution: some are gory and might be traumatic for the weak of heart, but there are some painfully cute ones too).

Blog WaylanLucius
Meet Waylon and Lucius, our new clinic goats! (They belong to our head tech, Emily) Yes, they’re wearing diapers!
Blog Waylan
All creatures great and small…
Blog Chip3
This is poor, sweet Chip. We sedated him to biopsy this group of 3 tennis ball sized masses in his mouth and neck.
Blog Chip1
The mass was so big it ate through his jaw bone. Unfortunately it’s malignant. His rescue is deciding between possible attempt at surgical removal vs. palliative care and euthanasia.
This is Champ. He’s here for a skin issue I’ve got to figure out.
He’s also morbidly obese. However, his foster has already helped him lose 7 pounds with diet and exercise. Champ is already much happier and more active since losing the weight. He’s probably got a good 8-10 pounds to go.



3 thoughts on “hnnnnnnnnnnj

  1. Yeah. It amazes me how many folks proudlt tell me that Fluffy has never been to the doctor except to be spayed and declawed(eeeuuuu!).

    And, of course, Fluffy has never been sick.

    I find that cats are often overlooked when it comes to basic doctor care.

    I suspect my cat(s) suffer from going too often. I’m “down” to one and he has cancer and hyperthyroidism.). He goes to the doctor a lot. 🙂

  2. I love that they are “cautiously optimistic and strangely grateful”! Great choice of words! And perfectly describes my dog Echo, when she arrived at our place years ago.
    She was a sad stray, with 1 puppy, and she really did seem SO grateful…everything new like easy food and shelter and love, was WONDERFUL to her… but she always a slightly strained look in her eyes. Then after a year, I was playing with her one day and I noticed that her eyes were dancing with joy, no more worries. So then she had a second name added to her name … she became Echo Joy. Still Joyful now at about 16, even after getting through a scary episode of Vestibular syndrome (scary at first, then kind of interesting, especially because she is a really trusting dog so was happy to let me lug her around and feed her by hand etc.) this past winter. We’re so happy to still have her and her “baby” (old too now) Sam, after all these years.
    Really enjoy these posts, thank you!

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