How to Help Houston *and Rockport

I grew up in Houston. When I was around 6 years old, Hurricane Claudette flooded my house in the south Houston area. I distinctly remember waking up, getting out of bed, and the carpet being wet. Perplexed, I looked up at the ceiling for a leak. The ceiling was dry, so I padded to the kitchen to learn what happened.

We had to evacuate to the high school-turned shelter. I remember worrying about snakes as I waded through floodwaters, holding my mom’s hand. I was kind of excited that I got to wear my new Winnie-the-Pooh rain boots, but they kept floating off my feet.

Myself, my dad and my brother got to spend the night in cots, but my mom had to stay outside in the entry area because she brought our family dog, a Cocker Spaniel named “Buffy”, and they wouldn’t let her inside the shelter.

After a second tropical storm hit and almost flooded us again. We moved north, to Humble, an area not known to flood. We’ve heard through the grapevine that that house is now flooded as well. My parents have since moved back south, to the Clear Lake area. So far their house is ok.

Part of my heart is in Houston, I have so many friends and family there, and watching them and all those others go through all this, while the sun shines here in Dallas, is just so difficult.

So, to try and turn emotion into action, here are a few things you and I can do to help, if you’re so inclined.

I spoke with the McKinney branch of the SPCA, they are helping with hundreds of displaced pets from the flooded areas.

They currently need:

I will be collecting these items from the clinic and dropping them off at the shelter every Thursday for as long as we receive donations.

Here is some miscellaneous other information that I’ve gathered, that might help other pets in need:

*Horses and other Large Animals: Here is a list of holding facilities and shelters in the Brazos Valley:

*APHIS providing animal assistance:

* From the Texas A&M Veterinary Teaching Hospital: the Texas Animal Health Commission has set up a Harvey Hotline at the Animal Response Operation Coordination Center (AROCC). If you or anyone you know is looking to volunteer or make a donation; wanting to offer shelter for animals; or needing to report live or dead animals, please call the hotline at 512.719.0799

*Veterinarian Jennifer Hennessey has set up a volunteer run shelter area at her clinic: Animal ER of NW Houston, for evacuated pets while their families are being relocated. The facility can house more than 150 animals. They have a full supply of donated pet care goods for the animals too. The address and phone number of the clinic is: 290/Mueschke in Cypress at Animal ER 27104 Hwy 290 W Ste 107. 281.304.0039

I’ve got to run, but I’ll update this as I find out more information.

Take care out there. Be kind.

Dr. Carroll

UPDATE: 8/30/17

From the Texas Veterinary Medical Association Foundation: HURRICANE HARVEY: As flood waters rise, the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation is continuing to work with veterinarians in affected areas as they care for animals affected by Hurricane Harvey. By donating to our Disaster Relief fund, you can be assured that your donations will be assisting veterinarians as they care for the animals that have been displaced or injured by this historic storm. Please click here to make a donation.







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