Suicide is Not the Answer

Today is my 19th wedding anniversary. My husband and I just got back from celebrating at Del Frisco’s. I had a dirty martini (with blue cheese olives), a glass of oaky, buttery chardonnay, some crab claws, the obligatory wedge salad & a fancy ribeye.

Today is also the day that our newest technician committed suicide.

She had only worked for us a month, it feels like longer. I liked her, which is significant because generally, I don’t bother getting to know new staff members ’til they’ve been around at least 6 months, because we tend to go through several before one sticks. However, she was scrappy, competent, and a good worker.

She loved the troubled, mean dogs. No fear. They were her favorites.

A couple weeks ago, a cat came in named Jerry. He was 18 years old, and in a well intentioned attempt at grooming, the owners had accidentally cut him 8 times, in an attempt to remove his many mats. I was afraid to sedate him, so Meghan and I spent hours (on and off) with her scratching his chin (which he loved), to distract him, while I shaved his mats & sutured & glued all his lacerations.

She killed herself today. I noticed she was looking a little rough last couple weeks, but I was too busy to ask her what was going on. Figured it was just young people drama.

I liked her.

This is the third suicide in the Dallas veterinary family in a week. I spoke with our one local veterinary social worker, she sounds exhausted. “We have to stop this, we can’t let it spread”.

I knew her a month and my heart is so sad.

Guys, somebody loves you, even if it’s someone you barely know. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Please get help.  National Suicide Prevention Hotline.




4 thoughts on “Suicide is Not the Answer

  1. I’m so very sorry about your friend. What a lousy anniversary present.

    Hopefully your heart will heal.

  2. Very sad to hear this young soul has passed at such a young age. God bless her. I pray Meghan is in peace.

  3. So sorry Viv. There’s really nothing worse than suicide, unless the person is terminally ill or has some other condition which makes life really, painfully hard. Sorry it had to happen at all, but even more so, sorry it happened today.

  4. Tears are streaming down for this sweet troubled soul, how sad she felt she couldn’t come and share her troubles to maybe get the help she needed. So very sorry for such a sad end of what should have been a joyous day. 19 years is terrific and wishing you a happy anniversary beside this sad news,

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