Mark My Words…

Kitten Pic 1
Meet “Branch”, my new writing partner.

…I will never raise kittens again. They are very sweet, but holy moley: I thought I was busy before– juggling a job, two kids, and a dizzying myriad of other obligations. Apparently I used to have lots of free time, and these kittens have sucked it all away. The coolest thing about all this is that I’m now too busy to go on Facebook and Twitter and fret about politics, there’s simply not enough time.

I’ve got a few minutes between obligations to fill you in on the goings on.

Everybody has survived. I’m beginning the painful process of trying to wean the kittens. Apparently Dr. Cook and I did a little too good a job of bottle feeding them, and they have zero interest in kitten food. I put down a veritable kitten buffet, but to them, it’s just an obstacle they have to run through while playing.

Unfortunately, that means I now have to practice “tough kitten love”. I have to make their milk/kitten formula watery and yucky, and decrease the number of feedings, to make their cat food sexier and more exciting. Meanwhile they mew at me pitifully.

Fast forward two weeks:

OMG The kittens have taken over my world. I started to write that blog post, then never finished. Upon the first 24 hours post-weaning, the kittens all entered the “diarrhea phase”. This phase is characterized by their little kitten GI tracts reacting to the presence of all that cat food instead of milk. Itty bitty kitty GI tracts respond by producing copious amounts of diarrhea, all over my house.

The kittens could easily climb out of their pen, particularly “Holly”, the black one. I would wake up in the morning to the other 3 asleep in their pen and Holly asleep on the couch. It was super cute until “D” day, when I woke up to Holly asleep on the couch, surrounded by about 10 little smelly piles of smeared poop.

These were dark days. Thank God for sharing the misery with my co-foster momma, Dr. Cook.

However, with time and probiotics, the diarrhea cleared: God bless solid little kitten turds!

Now the kittens are totally crazy. They are so much fun to watch, they run around the house wrestling like lunatics.  Climbing anything they can climb. It really is hard to get anything done around the house now, just from cuteness overload.

A strange and miraculous thing has occurred in the Carroll household. My husband, who has never owned a pet in his life & just tolerates the dogs, LOVES these kittens. It’s disconcerting, because I have never seen him react so positively to an animal before. I’ve known the guy for over half my life and never dreamed that he could possibly be….. a cat person?!?!

Just when you think you know someone…

Here are some pictures. Kittens are like Kids, once they start walking & running it gets considerably harder to photograph them…

Holly Ruby bed
Meet the girls: “Holly” and “Ruby”


Kitten Pic 2 Pillow Pet
A pillow pet on a pillow pet. This is “Goose” AKA “Berry”


Kitten pic 3 basket
My whole house is one big fun-kitten-land!


kitten pic 4 shoe
Apparently smelly teen boy tennis shoes are comfortable for sleeping.


kittenpic 5 dan
This is the kitten pen. In the middle of my kitchen. Everyone accounted for, but Holly, who probably climbed out to poop on my couch.
By request: Here is my husband interacting with the kittens. He likes to come home from a hard day and grab a beer and a kitten and watch them play. In this picture he’s letting them play with his foot. Notice the kitten boxes everywhere. We’re becoming crazy cat people. (BTW: he just came in from doing yard work, hence the filthy shirt) 

6 thoughts on “Mark My Words…

  1. I agree with Jennie. We need photographic proof!

    As for the cuteness overload, so very true. (I have a “thing” for black kitties)

    As for your lack of time, that’s one reason I prefer senior kitties. They’ve got most of the wildness out of their systems.

    Whatever are you going to do when they need to find homes?

      1. It’s obvious the kittens make him happy. That’s a very good thing. He’ll love them more and more as time goes on.

        Plus, it’s good to know they all have good homes.

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