Gambino Goes Home

Sorry this post is a little delayed, hopefully you have been following the AMCoP web page for updates. Quick sidebar: my husband was discussing someone he knew with a photographic memory last night. The guy could remember anything. This got me thinking: if a woman has a photographic memory, does she get to keep it after she’s had kids or does she end up like myself and many of my mom friends: so stressed, anxious, tired and addled that she’s lucky to remember why she sat down at the computer, much less what was on the email her boss sent two weeks ago. I do miss my pre-kids brain.

Anyhoo, on to the topic at hand: Gambino/Gambit/Tony. (In case you need the whole story, start here) Turned out I was just being paranoid: he did not, in fact, break with Parvo. He woke up the next day perfectly fine. Only issue is that he still has diarrhea, but he was on antibiotics and also seems to have an overwhelming need to eat his own poop, pretty much as soon as he poops it. I’m willing to bet that behavior (aka coprophagy) stems from whatever God-awful conditions he came from. Probably didn’t know when his next meal was coming, poor fella.

We ended up speaking to three different orthopedic surgeons about his foot. Apparently our pup has “puppy laxity syndrome”(I didn’t know this was a thing).  Affected pups have really loose, floppy joints. Per all three docs, it is particularly common in pit bulls (ironically, I saw a pit puppy at PetSmart yesterday, and sure enough he had puppy hyperextension syndrome too!) Usually affected pups outgrow it with time, good nutrition and good footing. Two out of three said don’t put the puppy in a splint. The third one, to whom I sent X-rays and a video of Gambino walking, said “you know, since it’s his only foot, a splint probably wouldn’t hurt”.

I think everyone at AMCoP really wanted to put this pup in a splint because it’s hard to watch him hop on basically his wrist. We want him to have the best leg to stand on! So, I immediately called a sweet, superhero, animal-lover friend, who had very kindly offered to buy a splint for Gambino. About an hour later, I had the $120 that exactly covered the amount of his splint and express shipping, from the very nice folks at Orthovet .

The splint should arrive next week. Meanwhile, Gambino is spending his first weekend with his new family. He got the royal sendoff from AMCoP staff and clients, including a new bed donated by one of our techs, and a new, personalized fuzzy blankie, donated by one of our wonderful clients.

I haven’t heard anything yet, I’m going to hope that no news is good news, and that he’s settling into his new home. We should get to see him next week for suture removal. I think we all fell a little in love with that sweet dog and wish him the very best!

There are some videos over on the ACMoP Facebook page if you want to see him on the go (apparently I need to start paying for my WordPress page, in order to post videos here 😦 )

Here are a few pics:

Love that face
Pardon my shoe, but this puppy is such a sucker for a belly rub!








5 thoughts on “Gambino Goes Home

  1. Glad he is doing well! Re the poop eating… one of my dogs would do that, her own and everyone else’s…other dogs and cats, when she came from the shelter. I started giving her some plain yogourt every day (started with just a teaspoon,worked up to about 1/4 cup) and she eventually stopped eating poop…maybe she would’ve anyway, but the yogourt is probably good for her regardless!

  2. It’s so great when so many humans come together for a critter in need.

    Hopefully Gambino will adjust quickly to his new home.

    By the way, I found the AMCoP website and FaceBook page, but wasn’t able to find any videos except one of Gambino in his cage.

    1. P.S. have you tried using acidophilus while he’s on antobiotics? I usually give my kitties acidophilus when they’re on antibiotics and it seems to work well.

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