The Magical Healing Power of Soft Flooring

This is not Gambit. He hasn’t gotten a chance to be on soft carpet yet. Just cages and clinic floors. Hopefully that will change soon. 

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Today when I checked on little Tony/Gambino/Gambit, he seemed a little subdued. Hopefully, it’s just that his local anesthesia has worn off and he’s sore. He’s also got a little diarrhea, but hopefully that’s just from his antibiotics. Time will tell, my big fear is that he’s coming down with Parvo. It’s that time of year and it is going around. Prayers and good thoughts for this guy are appreciated.

The other hangup I’m struggling with is that his carpus, or wrist, on the remaining front leg is somewhat hyperextended. The joint is weak.We noticed it before pup went to surgery, but attributed it to the IV catheter that was in that arm.  I’ve got to do some more research on carpal hyperextension, but it seems to be traumatic in origin (maybe in conjunction with whatever happened to the other leg). Treatment, again, according to the small amount I have read so far, seems to primarily hinge on surgery to fuse the wrist joint. Braces and splints don’t seem to help in many cases. I’m hoping that maybe with some time, physical therapy maybe, and good nutrition, he’ll get stronger.

Meanwhile, I’ve got calls to a couple of orthopedic surgeons in the area to see what they think.

One of them, Dr. Brent Wilkins at Dallas Veterinary Surgery Center, just called me back. He said, for starters, let’s give this baby some time and some good nutrition and soft surfaces. Carpet, carpet, carpet! No hard wood or other slick surfaces and see if mother nature helps him out. If that doesn’t work, then he said try a splint. If the splint is unsuccessful, then fusing the wrist has to happen, but it is definitely not idea. SO, prayers for the healing power of good food and soft, cushy flooring. That and no parvo!

Keep those fingers crossed.






One thought on “The Magical Healing Power of Soft Flooring

  1. Poor guy. He just doesn’t need any more bad news.

    Fingers crossed really tightly that time and carpet solve his problems.

    Kudos to you for the extra research.

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