Surgery Day

So today was the big day. Little Gambino (Who the staff is referring to as “Tony”, and honestly his personality is more that of a Tony than a Gambino, so I think I’ll call him Tony) had his front leg amputated.

Surgery went well, he had no complications. He’s vacillating between totally stoned and crying out in pain. We used lots and lots of pain control, hopefully some of the crying out is just dysphoria from the drugs. Amazingly, when he was waking up, he slowly wagged his tail under the blanket whenever we spoke to him. Once awake, every time I went to check on him, even while totally sleepy, he wagged like crazy. He also wagged all the way to the truck on his way to the ER.

One of our technicians works a second job at a local ER, so she is going to continue his hospitalization and pain control over the weekend.

Long, complicated surgeries just suck the life out of me. Too much to worry about, that’s why I generally leave the big surgeries to the other docs who find surgery to be exhilarating . My husband and youngest son are off on a Boy Scout trip, so only one other human in the house to care for. Thus, I’m off to drink a glass of wine and watch mindless television to unwind.

I’ll update y’all this weekend with the gory surgical details and how he’s doing.


Dr. C.

Here’s our Tony after premedication & before surgery. He’s feeling pretty mellow. Head tech, Brody will soon be prepping him for surgery.

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