Gambino Update Day 2

img_2182-2So, today, just for grins, I looked up the meaning of the word “Gambino”. Per Google: “Gambino, name meaning. Italian: from a diminutive of gamba “leg”, probably applied as a nickname for someone with short legs.” I mean, sure he was actually named after some rapper guy, but, that aside: the name is pretty fitting.

He ate like a pig last night and was happy to see us this morning. His blood work was great and his fecal revealed a hefty case of roundworms and giardia, which he’s being treated for.

There is a brand new drug company called Aratana Therapeutics. I got excited about these folks last year at the American Animal Hospital national conference. Basically, some human doctors and pharmaceutical people got together with some veterinary ones. They started talking about what drugs there are in the human field that could serve unmet needs in the veterinary one. The results are going to be spectacular, I think. In March, they’re releasing a non-steroidal anti inflammatory for dogs that we can use in dogs with pre existing conditions that we currently can’t use them in. Painful, arthritic, old dogs with kidney disease, liver disease, and heart disease generally can’t safely receive NSAIDS without significant risk. Galliprant, their new drug is going to be safe for these dogs! So exiting (to me anyhow!) They also have a drug called Entyce coming out which will be an appetite stimulant for sick pets who won’t eat, amazing for chronically ill pets. Frankly, I would have loved to have access to both of these medications when my old dogs, Scully and Katelin were still living. They would have made a huge impact on both of their qualities of life.

I’m way off topic, I know. The reason I’m bringing up Aratana, is they also make a drug called Nocita, a local anesthetic, which lingers at the surgery site, providing 3 days of safe, side-effect free,  post op pain control. There is a human version that most people who have hip/knee, etc replacements get. Apparently the humans rave about it. Currently, the medication is only being marketed to boarded surgeons who do lots of surgeries because it’s pretty darn expensive and the vials go bad 24 hours after you open them, so not economically feasible for Joe regular vet at the moment (I sure hope that changes). However, Mr. Richard Hayworth of Aratana got me in touch with the nice folks at Parker Road Animal Hospital in Wyle. They have an orthopedic surgeon there who loves the stuff and bought a bunch of it on sale. They were kind enough to sell me a bottle to try out on little Gambino.

So we’ve got that on board, plus some other neat pain control modalities up our sleeves for our little friend. Unfortunately, his surgery got moved to tomorrow due to time constraints, but that gives him one more day of antibiotics, and he’s on good pain control medication, so he’s ok.

Tomorrow’s the big day, he’s scheduled for high noon surgery time. Keep your fingers crossed everything goes smoothly.

I’ll keep you posted !

OH and I almost forgot, an AWESOME Animal Medical Center family has come forward to adopt Gambino once he’s on the mend from his surgery.  This family has adopted two other animals from our hospital and they couldn’t be better, more loving pet owners.We couldn’t be happier.

Look at those eyes! Such a handsome boy. 

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