Dr. Rogers Does an Easter Egg-Ectomy

Wonder if those are Cadbury Crème Eggs ?(mmmm... my fave)
Wonder if those are Cadbury Crème Eggs ?(mmmm… my fave)









Gotta admit, she's pretty cute.
Gotta admit, she’s pretty cute.

I am a very bad coworker. Dr. Rogers, our illustrious rabbit DVM asked me to post this prior to Easter.  I’m almost two weeks late, but here is her (very brief) guest post:

How often do you get to say you operated on the Easter bunny? I feel privileged to get the opportunity.
Lubelle, 3 pound black and white lop, presented from Rabbit Rescue as a returned adoption for urine dribbling. On exam, I palpated two large hard masses so we radiographed her abdomen. She had 2 large stones approximately 2.5 cm a piece in her bladder. My technician, Amy, was jokingly calling the stones- Easter eggs due to their shape and size. Since Lubelle was not feeling well, she was treated with pain medication, antibiotics, and intravenous fluids over the weekend. On Monday, I removed the two large stones from her bladder. Lubelle aka the Easter bunny is recovering well.

Happy Belated Easter!











2 thoughts on “Dr. Rogers Does an Easter Egg-Ectomy

  1. Returned due to urine dribbling – and they didn’t take her to the doctor? Shame on them.

    Is Lubelle doing OK now?

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