Happy Birthday Mia!

My beautiful girl.
My beautiful girl.
OK, I have to replace my sad previous post with SOMETHING happier, but I only have 10 minutes before I have to leave for the Collin County VMA meeting. Thus this will be a quickie.

Yesterday was my lab Mia’s 4th birthday. Today I saw an article somewhere (it’s on the Animal Medical Center of Plano Facebook page) about the top 10 naughtiest dog breeds.

Guess what was #1?

(I did) The Labrador Retriever.

I’ve noticed that lab people like to brag about the damage their labs have done. It’s like lab boot camp and everybody has a story. People with those rare perfect labs that don’t do anything wrong don’t get to join the club. They will, however join the club on their next lab because that perfection never happens twice.

I now have 5 minutes to list all of Mia’s shenanigans that I can think of:

1. ate one of the seat belts out of my car
2. ate a laptop cord
3. ate a whole pan of uncooked bread (had to induce vomiting, and I might add they were going to be very delicious home-made garlic parmesan rolls. There was one roll left and I cooked it and it was yummy).
4. ate 4 ears of corn, husk and all (vomiting induced)
5. ate all of Aidan’s Halloween candy (vomiting again)
5. ate 2 bottles Ibuprophen (two separate events) vomiting + hospitalization + Poison Control Call
6. ate a pan of bacon grease (vomiting + activated charcoal)
7. ate a bottle of Vitamin D (poison control call + hospital stay)
8. ate a bottle of phenylpropanolamine (poison control call + critical care hospital stay)
9. ate two corn cobs at the beach (foreign body obstruction, 2 days in hospital post exploratory surgery).
10. chewed my brand new Frye boots

I have one minute left, that’s all I can think of at the moment. I’ll tell you, looking at this list makes us look like the worst dog owners on the planet. Mia is sneaky, most of these events happened when she put herself in her crate before we went to bed/went out and each of us thought the other locked the door. She then subsequently goes counter surfing.

Knock on wood, she hasn’t gotten into anything in about 3 months. Maybe she’ll slow down now that she’s 4. We pretty much keep all drugs out of her reach and have a 5 pound weight on the trash can lid to keep her from opening it (and another 10+ pounds in the base of the can to keep her from knocking it over). She’s kind of lost her beach privileges after the corn cob surgery incident.

OOps..6:04 Gotta go!

Happy birthday to my sweet girl!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mia!

  1. Robert and I are enjoying your stories about Miss Mia! Happy Birthday pretty girl. Abby and Maggie May enjoyed this also. I told them to not get any ideas. Mia, you are a little scamp!
    Happy 4th Birthday!
    Holly, Robert, Abby, and Maggie May

  2. Happy Birthday, Mia!

    Sounds like you’re lucky you made it to your 4th birthday. 🙂

    Other than chewing boots, I notice there aren’t any clothing items on the “ingested list.”

    1. Mia tends to gravitate to things that can poison her. She’s really good about not shredding her toys (that was Scully in her youth) or eating underwear (Katelin’s specialty). Thank God Mia wasn’t into structural damage to the home as I’ve heard other peoples lab’s have done.

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