Dream a Creepy Dream

I’ve had all manner of recurring dreams over the years.  When I was young I had this great dream where I ended up at some place that had multiple ponds that were just teeming with every kind of fish imaginable.  Something about all those creatures just filled me with joy.  I loved everytime I had it, every now and then I still have a variation of that one.

Then there are the nightmares. I’m not one to have like the Freddie Krueger slash and burn scary ones.  Mine are more mundane, but just as scary (in my frame of reference anyways).  Before the start of each school year I had the go-to-school-naked dream. Only I was never naked because I’m uber-prude and have severe anti-nudity issues.  I was in my undies. Which were probably utilitarian and cotton. None of that itchy lace stuff. 

After I graduated the dream morphed into a nightmare where it was the end of the year at some college.  I had forgotten to attend one of my classes (usually it’ some kind of horrible subject like Political Science or History) for the whole year and suddenly it’s time to take the final.  I am scrambling around like a mad person trying to figure out where the heck the classroom is and what time I’m supposed to be there.  I usually wake up to a flood of relief just before I have to take the test.  I’ve now been out of college over 14 years and I still have that darn dream. I’m not into dream analysis (I do have a dream diary next to my bed on which to chronicle my nighttime weirdness but it’s blank because my first though in the AM is usually along the lines of “good God it’s early, how many times can I snooze, how many grooming habits can I skip to look somewhat presentable, and only be slightly late to work”, and not “must write down that dream”).

I had a new one last week.  It was a variation of the neglected college class only this time it was pets.  I had a cage in the yard full of rabbits and hamsters and kittens and stuff.  Only I forgot they were out there.  In my dream I just assumed they had died, but when I wandered out there I saw that they were still alive and breeding.  Then I felt bad so I set them all free. Figuring that the thrill of freedom would counteract the pain and discomfort of their horrible incarceration.  Unfortunately, then Scully and Katelin killed and ate the rabbits and there were rabbit bones all over the yard. I had this deja vu feeling that I’d had that dream before.  That dream ooged me out all day.

I have a feeling it taps into a vague sense I have that I have a lot of things to take care of  and a fear that  I’m not doing a good enough job.  Or it could mean that I have some kind of thing against rabbits, kittens and hamsters…who knows. Any dream analizers out there? 

Anyhow, for those who are wondering, Scully is doing better.  Her cough peaked on Saturday, (at about the point where I tell clients to be patient, it takes time to see results on pneumonia treatment) and has now almost disappeared.  Of course, veterinarian pets get the weird diseases.  Her physical exam, cell count, and x-rays point to pnemonia, but I ran this fancy new test called a ProBNP on her (just for the heck of it, I’ve been hesitant to run it on client pets because it’s super expensive and it’s clinical benefit is unclear).  Dr. Nitsche laughed at me when I told him I ran this because it’s difficult to interpret (he predicted it would muddle things up). 

He was right, of course because the test said she was in heart failure, but her physical and X-rays say she’s not.  I’m now afraid to call him because I am expecting a big fat “I told you so”. 


However, tomorrow Dr. Matt Miller, cardiologist from Texas A&M is coming to talk about heartworms at Maggiano’s.  I think I’ll hit him up for a little between pasta consultation while he’s here.

In the meantime, every morning that the old ladies wake up and they actually get out of bed to say good morning  is a very sweet, much appreciated gift. 

Carpe Diem (or Carpe old dog???)



One thought on “Dream a Creepy Dream

  1. Too funny! Many times I’ve dreamt that I had skipped classes all semester (usually college) and now it’s exam time. I don’t even know where class is held, I’m in the middle of campus surrounded by huge buildings and I’m in a total panic.

    What doesn’t occur to me until I wake is this: If I haven’t attended class at all, how do I know the exam is “today”?

    Just last week I dreamt I was looking for some of my kitties who were living outside. (These cats never went outdoors once they were adopted into my home.) I called and called “Ivy-Louise-Clara-Emma”, but none of them came. It never occurred to me that they’ve all been gone for quite awhile. I finally found Emma sitting on a bench, wearing her raggedy red collar with her name on it.

    I woke up just as I was picking her up to take her inside. Wish I had a chance for just one more hug before I woke up.

    Glad to hear Scully is doing better. It’s always good to hear that a well-loved critter has taken a turn for the better. You’ve got to be so relieved!

    As for the ProBNP, you learned first-hand how reliable it is…. and now you know!

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