Tweedle Deedle Tweet

I have a new addiction to report.  I am totally and irrevocably in love with Twitter.  I don’t actually tweet anything, but I read other people’s tweets voraciously, mostly entertainers, authors, humorists etc. 

Twitter is like salty delicious kettle chips for my brain.

Tweets are like modern Haikus only you are limited to 140 characters or less as opposed to the whole 5,7,5 syllable rule.  (I know this because I have initiated a clinic-wide Haiku contest where we write haikus regarding our feelings on dental month.  We will have a poetry reading at the next office meeting.  We are fun dammit).

Anyhow,  love to read  other people’s tweets.  To the point that if I’m in line anywhere, or stuck in traffic, waiting for soccer practice to be over, I’m reading tweets. 

I may have a problem as I’ve been honked at a time or two in my car while lost in Twitter induced bliss at a stop light.

The point of all this is that I started a Twitter account for Animal Medical Center of Plano.  I’m not sure what sorts of things I will be tweeting, but I will figure out something.  I’ve also got to figure out how to do that bitly stuff where you can tweet a link to other stuff. 

It will be a work in process. But you can share in all the tweeting adventures if you’re interested, follow us @amcplanovets.


One thought on “Tweedle Deedle Tweet

  1. I signed up for Twitter about a million years ago, tweeted about 10 times and then abandoned it completely. I still get notifications that so-and-so is now following me. No doubt they’re pretty disappointed.

    But then again, I haven’t done anything on FaceBook in a very long time either.

    For someone who is completely enamored with iPhone, you’d think I’d be more involved web-wise.

    Oh well, I’ll just spend that extra time with the critters.

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