Hi From Dental Land

Dr. Shiplov from our Legacy Drive Animal Hospital location asked me today if I had stopped this blog.  “Nope”, I replied, “just swamped with dentals.”

So it goes at our location from the end of January ’til the last person requests it: “Dental Month”.  We discount teeth cleanings by about 20% during this time. 

One of today’s dentals was a doozie.  I ended up extracting 11 teeth.  The little dog will very likely need more (combo of genetic predisposition and he bites so his owners can’t brush his teeth).  Here are a couple  pictures of the grossness (I’ll spare you the dental lecture for now, hopefully this guy will be feeling a lot better soon, though):

I ended up pulling most of these incisors because there was just too much bone loss around them. They were really, really loose.
Heavy plaque and tartar buildup on all the teeth. Horrible periodontal disease.

2 thoughts on “Hi From Dental Land

  1. Awwww. That poor dog! It’s impossible to imagine how badly his mouth hurt prior to his extractions. Hopefully he’s feeling a lot better now and is happily begging for treats.

    Why oh why do people ignore dental care for their critters? Is it because they can?

  2. I agree with TheOldBroad – above and beyond the health risks of a nasty mouth, my biggest concern for these animals is the PAIN!
    As someone with (apparently) a predisposition to bad teeth – and no dental insurance in my youth – I will never forget the agony of a molar abscess or an untreated cavity. Just because an animal isn’t crying and is still eating doesn’t mean it can’t be in dreadful, constant pain.
    I am fortunate in having dogs who are both cooperative and large (and let’s face it, it’s a lot easier to see and reach into a big mouth than a tiny one) so I rarely have to pay for a professional teeth cleaning for them. But if I couldn’t clean them myself I’d get it done as often as it took to keep them comfortable. I do understand that getting a pet’s teeth cleaned can be expensive, but like anything else preventive care is MUCH cheaper in the long run. A routine teeth cleaning costs a fraction of what an extensive procedure with multiple extractions does.

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