Frivolous Question Tuesday: Gaga or Madonna?

Just to deviate from the usual veterinary topics for a bit, I have a question for ya:  are you team Gaga or Madonna?  I know this is a pretty trivial matter, but I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, for no particular reason.  Frankly, it’s a little sad that it’s gotten to the point where we have to pick sides, because really, without Madonna, there would probably be no Gaga.  Actually, without Cher, Elton John, David Bowie and even the Beatles, would there still be a Madonna/Gaga?

We need our wacko artists so we can have lengthy discussions about whose the best, biggest sellout, a poseur, the original.  For the record, I’m team Gaga.  Though my loyalty is wavering a little after the half time show of the Superbowl.  Madonna rocked it.  I grew up in the 80’s, I saw the many faces of Madonna from Borderline to Evita to that Commercial that got banned. I’m pretty sure I was way too cool to profess any love for her back then as I was more into the Judy’s, Beastie Boys and the Dead Milkmen.  Although I do think I actually owned a Def Leppard album in 8th or 9th grade…shiver.  Pop was beneath me at the time, though.

She’s a heck of a performer (as evidenced, in my opinion by the half time show).  I just don’t think she’s a very nice person.

Granted, I don’t know the woman any better than I know Lady Gaga, but G is so genuinely appreciative of her fans and where she is.  I think I could hang out with her.  If I ran into her on an elevator, and I told her I was a fan,  I’m pretty sure she’d sign my elbow if I asked her to.  I feel like Madonna would have her security detail take me down for looking her in the eye.

I’ve been to a Gaga concert, it was heaps of fun.  I love that she sees herself as the voice of the weird kids at school that have nobody to sit with in the cafeteria.  “Love yourself, you are worth it” etc. is her central message.

I mean, Madonna wants  you to express yourself, but, it’s just not the same. Her attitude is more “I’ll do what I want, and look good doing it, I don’t care what you do or think”.  Which is cool for the high self-esteem set, but I identify with the quiet kid in the back of the room. The one with the big dreams but the small voice.

Having said all that, I did just learn that Madonna is playing our local American Airlines Center in October (assuming she doesn’t break a hip or anything between now and then…she’s getting up there, you know).  I will very likely be buying tickets to see her. She’s an icon,  I think it would be akin to seeing the Beatles, or Elvis.

Just because I don’t like her as a person doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate her work and talent.

I just won’t be having her over dinner anytime. Well, unless she invites me to her place.  But then I’d totally freak out about what to wear.  But then again, I’m so far beneath her…I bet she doesn’t even have a pet.  Lady Gaga would totally hang out with me though, and she’d love me no matter what I wear…

Hm, better get back to work.


2 thoughts on “Frivolous Question Tuesday: Gaga or Madonna?

  1. “I love that she sees herself as the voice of the weird kids at school that have nobody to sit with in the cafeteria.”

    Although I’m more of Madonna’s contemporary, I’m definitely on Team Gaga. I won’t be wearing a meat dress anytime soon, though.

    1. Funny you say that because I actually have a meat dress. Only it’s made of felt, and it’s “aged” so it’s got big fake flies, mold spots and little rice “maggot” colonies all over it. Wore it a couple of weeks ago to a Gaga/Madonna party at the Dallas Museum of Art. May have to dig up a photo just for fun 😉

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