Our AAHA Accreditation Inspection

So we’re getting inspected by the American Animal Hospital Association today.  She’s actually here right now.  About 5 feet away.  Carefully scrutinizing our medical records.  Going over everything with a fine-toothed flea comb.  We’ve been preparing for this for 6 months, and we’re super confident and not a bit nervous at all.  Actually, the nervous/confident bit is 100% false.  We’ve collectively all been having varying degrees of nightmares and anxiety about it. 

Dr. Shiplov at our other hospital (they got hit yesterday) dreamed that the inspector showed up a day early.  I kept seeing things out-of-place or dirty in my house and immediately thinking “oh crap! I’ve got to clean that!”  Then subsequently reminding myself that she’s not inspecting my house.

Basically AAHA comes up with a list of 200+ “standards” that they think excellent veterinary practices should meet (standards involving everything from surgery and anesthesia, to record keeping and safety to everything in between) If you meet those standards, then you get to be “AAHA Accredited.”  Only 15% of animal hospitals belong to this “elite” grouping. 

Well, after 5 hours of inspection, she finally finished annnnndddd….we passed! 

OK.  We can all heave a collective sigh of relief.  (Do you hear that?  It’s “We Are the Champions”, by Queen.  Oh wait, that’s just in my head). 

Yay us.



One thought on “Our AAHA Accreditation Inspection

  1. Wow! I knew the clinic I use is special (and all the people there), but I had no idea that the “AAHA Accredited” sticker for the front window was so tough to get.

    I’ll have to be sure to mention it to them when cat-of-the-month and I go for next month’s checkup.

    Congratulations for passing!

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