I’m Baaaaack

So, Friday I resigned from the PetMD blogs.  They were like a big black cloud hanging over my head.  Twin deadlines every week.  I had to come up with something to write about.  Not to mention the two plus hours a week out of my “free” time to write them. 

Then I’d bear my soul only to have some whacko bash it to pieces with horrible, mean comments.  My heart couldn’t take it.  I really tried.

Granted, there were plenty of nice comments too, but the mean ones were just arrows into my psyche.  It was like a train wreck: I shouldn’t have looked at them, but I had to. 

There are some really, really, really mean people on the web with big bad chips on their shoulders who are more than willing to lambast you.  And apparently, my quirky attempts at humor are not well accepted or understood by the masses. 

So, here I am, blogging to my little corner of the world again.  I will miss having an editor to clean up my grammatical errors and wayward sentences.  I won’t miss being told I’m incompetent, cold-hearted, in need of psychiatric help (which I do get when I need it), etc. by the general public though. 

I mean, on this blog, you are free to comment, I just get to read it ahead of time and choose whether or not I will print it.  Or, as one of my new favorite bloggers “The Bloggess” does: just change the wording.  If you say “Dr. Carroll you are an incompetent nincompoop who should find a new career peeling shrimp.”  I can just change it to: “Dr. C: you are my hero and I’d hug you except I might give you this nasty case of ringworm I’ve got”. 

I could have some fun with that.


7 thoughts on “I’m Baaaaack

    1. Wow, so somehow that makes me feel better (even though I didn’t realize I felt bad). Thanks for that. You folks at PetMD were nothing but nice, and I’m sorry I couldn’t cut it as a professional blogger at that level. Thanks again.

      1. Thanks so much for putting yourself out there.

        As one of the “whacko” integrative (homeopathic) vets whose site has been on the web since 1996, I know exactly what you mean. It’s sometimes hard (tho always possible) to takes these comments with a pound of salt. It’s a very sad but real consequence of our open-hearted sharing of knowledge.

        Keep up the great work and consider investigating some of the incredible homeopathic fixes sometimes for the “unfixable”. Your clients will appreciate having even more treatment options.

        Be well.

        Dr. Jeff

  1. Dr. Cardoso-Carroll,

    I have read several of your PetMD blogs and can understand that from where you stand, perhaps people can be a bit vitriolic. I believe I may have commented on one of your postings but I don’t recall it was anything other than my observations and I try to respect both sides of an argument although it isn’t always easy, as you know. But I might offer to you that many, many people interested in animal related healthcare blogs or visiting pet healthcare sites such as PetMD are those that are intensely committed to their animals and have likely suffered a significant loss of one or more that involved a vet or healthcare provider. I don’t believe that the happy dog owners who have never faced a healthcare crisis with their animals make up the majority of your PetMD readership. Perhaps I am wrong. But I suspect that your readership is primarily those looking to avoid future mistakes and learn to protect their pets, and themselves, better. Thus, they are likely very sensitive to either a loss or healthcare errors made in the care of their pet. As such, even the most well-intentioned humor has a hard time translating to them. Especially stories in which there are treatment errors detailed and those errors are treated glibly or turned into an anecdote or even condoned as a mystery of life, which are often the types of stories written by the PetMD bloggers. As conscientious as you may find yourself as a vet, many of your readers have had extremely regrettable experiences with their pet healthcare providers and thus, even the most well-intentioned work of humor can hit a nerve. Admittedly, readers need to be responsible for their emotions and not take them out on you, but I do think you are the ultimately beneficiary if you at least take their perceptions into account when you feel swayed by a particularly humorous rendition you have crafted. Even a slight shift in tone can prevent a misunderstanding of what you are trying to convey.

    I can appreciate that it is no fun to be lambasted or verbally attacked but I would encourage you to learn more about your audience in an effort to better understand why such responses arise from your postings and from the postings of your colleagues. It may help take the sting out of the critical comments you receive and return to you the pleasure of your blogging endeavors. You absolutely shouldn’t be a target of venom but at the same time, you and PetMD should consider learning a bit more about the audience to better understand why it happens. And then maybe you can consider that your blogging style isn’t appropriate for that audience and/or more easily justify for yourself a habit of removing the caustic comments before you read them. You can’t please all of the people all of the time, but it likely would help if you knew the people better if only to understand that their comments probably aren’t so much directed at you personally as they are a release of anger and pain from a regrettable experience. Not condoning it, but if you and your colleagues are willing to accept mistakes in treatment, then certainly it would seem you should be prepared to handle the response to such things. They are far reaching and even if the crime is not yours, when you write a blog for a pet healthcare site where such people are more likely to congregate, you are more likely to fall under that reach.

    Hope you enjoy returning to your own blog and thank you for your many articles I did enjoy.

  2. I am glad you mentioned your blog! It was easy to find you here. I enjoyed your articles on PETMD and your down to earth way of handling your patients and will continue to follow you here. Keep up the good work!

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