Briefly, an Interesting Tip from an AMCOP Client

I occasionally run into dogs and cats who won’t drink enough water for various reasons. Otherwise they have a medical condition (usually urinary stone or crystal related) that requires increased consumption of said resource.

The usual tips are to add water to the pets food, maybe some lite salt, broth etc. Recirculating water fountains are good for cats (dogs would probably like it too). Things to flavor the water sometimes help, like tuna juice or boullion.

Today a client said that her neighbor told her that some dogs (and I imagine cats too) just don’t like stainless steel bowls and to try switching to something else. She switched to plastic and the dog started to drink more.

It’s harmless (unless you have a cat who has a tendency toward having acne, as this plastic bowls can triger it), and easy enough to try so I thought I’d pass that little tip along.

Try to stay cool,

Dr. C


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