Say Hello to the New Guy

Plano Veterinary Group has a new vet!  Dr Jason Brewer has come on board to help us out in our mission to continue providing excellent pet care and stellar service. 

At least from the AMCOP end of things, we are hoping that the addition helps relieve some of the wait times and bottlenecks we experience trying to cram all of you guys and your pets into the schedule. 

Dr. Brewer has been here about two weeks now.  He’s actually an LSU Vet Med grad, so he’s been providing some new perspectives and ideas to us Aggie Vets.    

Dr. Brewer is supposed to be giving me a bio soon, I don’t know much about him except that he’s a nice guy.  Seems pretty sharp.  He’s friendly and energetic and ready to help. 

As soon as I get that bio I’ll update the website and fill you in on any interesting details. 

Dr. Brewer will be at AMCOP Monday, Tuesday and Fridays and our Legacy Drive location on Thursdays.  He will be flip-flopping between the two practices on various Saturdays throughout the month. 

Feel free to say hello next time you’re in and give him a warm welcome to our practice family.


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