So this month marks the 11 year anniversary of when I began working  here at Animal Medical Center of Plano.  When I started here I was pretty green, just two years out of vet school.  I had no kids and no idea just how simple life was back then!  Now I’ve got one kid finishing kindergarten and another one finishing third grade (who wishes it was as easy as kindergarten, he hasn’t been thrilled with the lack of playtime that subsequent grade levels have exhibited). 

I’ve seen clients go through high school, college, get married and have kids. I’ve already seen a few dogs live their whole lives, start to finish. 

I’ve developed my share of grey hairs working at this place (skillfully colored by one of my clients).

Now granted, my paltry 13 years doesn’t hold a candle to Dr. Sharp’s 40+ year career, he’s seen generations of clients.  Little kids have grown up, had kids and now those kids are his clients.  Probably even their kids kids (I don’t know, I’m pretty sleep deprived so I’m not going to even attempt the math).

Our staff has been here awhile too.  I think everybody has been here at least two years.  Madeline is right there with me at the 11 year mark (her anniversary was Valentine’s day, I think). 

I’ve mentioned before, that we are a little bit of a family at this place.  We have our ups and downs.   We get sick of each other, sometimes we yell.  We share in our triumphs, disappointments, tears and laughter.  We share that with our clients and their pets too.

Wonder what the next 11 years will bring…


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