Margaritas Anyone?

Well, today we’ve actually had a little time to breathe.  Well, Dr. Rogers and I have anyways, Dr. Sharp’s got 40 years worth of clients who are pretty much always lining up to see him. 

Dental month(s) is/are finally winding down 13 more days (actual surgery days, the “special” ends May 7).  We are really ready for a break from all those teeth. 

As a whole, we the staff at AMCOP are lobbying Dr. Sharp for a company trip to Gloria’s restaurant to celebrate the end of Dental Month(s) with lots of margaritas and bean dip.  I’ll keep you posted on that one, maybe you can stop and say hello.

I’ve seen several thrombocytopenia cases and strange illnesses this month, I was worried it was going to turn into another nightmare month like April of ’09 ( , , )  

That was one of the worst, if not the worst month of my career to date. 

Fortunately (so far anyways, there’s only a week left in the month … hope I’m not jinxing myself)  all of the sickies seem to be holding their own. 

It is odd though how diseases come in runs in this business.  Fortunately, this month’s run ran its course without any fatalities. 

We’ll see what next month brings…