What’s Been Happening Around AMCOP These Days?

So I’ve gotten a couple of comments about the absence of updates on this blog.  The other blog on PetMD is taking more of my creativity than I had planned!  I do like that I can pretty much say whatever I want to over on this blog with less worry about corporate ramifications or angry reader feedback.  I’ve got to work on getting thicker skin if I’m gonna keep up with professional writing! 

Plus, I write this one during down time at work, which is getting to be hard to come by these days (it’s been crazy dental month). 

Lots and lots of clean teeth and many more to come.  Lots of tooth extractions too.  Matter of fact, I think I’m going to start keeping track of the number of teeth I pull this year.  Start a yearly tally. 

On the one hand, you could say that dental care (home brushing, the dental vaccine, dental chews, water additives) is helping keep those pets from losing subsequent teeth. On the other hand, is it just that I keep pulling them all and eventually the pet will just run out of teeth?  I’m hoping for the former. 

FYI, the toothless pets eat just fine.  Sometimes better than when they had those rotten, holey, painful teeth. 

You guys know that I generally don’t recommend a product unless I’ve tried it on my own pets.  So, when my mom’s lab died in December, she gave me a bag of leftover medicines, supplements and “stuff”.  One of the supplements was a product called “Platinum Performance”.  A veterinary behaviorist had recommended it to help with some cognitive decline that my mom’s dog was experiencing. 

I started using it about a month ago on the two old lady dogs.  It’s a powder that I add to their food.  Lots of vitamins and minerals in the stuff, plus a little glucosamine and chondroitin.  I still have Scully on the fish oil and Dasuquin (glucosamine, etc. supplement). 

I noticed that about two weeks after starting it, the girls seemed “around” more.  Normally they sleep most of the day, off on the couch or one of their many beds.  Now, they’re milling around the kitchen whenever I’m in there.  Scully is more persistent about demanding her share of attention when I pet one of the other dogs.

Even The Husband noticed that the dogs seem more “spry” lately.  He’s not the most perceptive person on the planet, so the fact that he noticed is remarkable. 

I’ve ordered a few “jugs” of the stuff to carry in the clinic so you guys can try it on your old dogs and see if you get results.  No reason to not use it on young dogs too, but Mia the Lab is plenty “spry” enough for me.   

So that’s a little of what’s been happening around here. 

Talk to you soon…


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