We Need Your Help!

Every week I watch the girls at the front desk and Shana, my office manager put hundreds of stamps on hundreds of post cards.  I feel like I’m looking at a little slice of antiquity every time.  Who still does this? 



I feel like we’re just wasting money and trees using this expensive and outdated communication style.  Like we should all be driving Hummers without mufflers while throwing our non free trade coffee cups out the window.  Like we’re environmental renegades.

We once tried to institute a clinic recycling program, but the city charges businesses to recycle.  Homes do it for free.  So, the idea was nixed.

While watching the tree carnage this week, and listening to Shana and Dr. Sharp talk about how many hundreds of dollars of stamps they just bought (for the Dental Month reminders)…I kindly suggested making a concerted push to get email addresses from the majority of clients and switching to computer/email based reminders. 

Dr. Sharp, the dinosaur (I mean this with love), was intrigued by the idea, but concerned that clients would not be interested. 

So I ask you: general public and AMCOP clients….how would you rather get your reminders?  Email or Snail Mail. 

Will you take a second to take the Poll (feel free to have your friends weigh in on this pressing issue also 😉 )


2 thoughts on “We Need Your Help!

  1. I prefer a postcard. I know the vet is trying to give me a reminder via email but it just gives me the feeling of spam. I know it is silly but that is the feeling.

    A postcard lends a personal touch and I can put it on my fridge as a reminder. It just seems so much nicer to get a postcard.

  2. I travel a lot for work. I’ve been home 1.5 weeks in the last 7 and I leave Monday for the next 4 weeks. My husband feels sorting the mail is my job?!?!?! All our bills are paid online, etc. I would LOVE for the reminders to come via email. It would save me from missing the postcard while I’m gone, as well as missing it when it gets stuck inside the grocery ad. Go green!! =)

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