Of Love and Loss…

My fingers are suffocating.  At least they feel like they are.  I got them polished about a week and a half ago for the Christmas parties.  Figured I’d be festive.  The novelty has worn off though, and I’m ready for it to come off.  I feel like I can’t even text with these things.  It’s totally weird, I know, that’s just me.

As usual for us, December has been a sad month.  I don’t know what it is about it, but I was talking to my office manager last week about it and she confirmed that December is our biggest month with the pet cemetary folks.  We’ve lost 3 employee pets:  My tech, Amy lost her sweet Maxie, a goofy yellow lab to my nemesis, the hemangiosarcoma.  My office manager’s daugher’s collie Roxie died of gastric dilation and bloat.  Finally, my mom’s gentle, sweet, scared of everything, yellow Lab, Destin died last week.  Another victim of  hemangiosarcoma.  I hate those tumors.  I’m not feeling up to talking much about mom’s dog yet, I will try to sometime.  She wants me to write a memorial.  The tears are pretty heavily buried on my end, so I just need a little time so as not to bring them to the surface again.   My mom needs help the most and God knows she doesn’t need me blubbering on about stuff…. she was a good dog though. 

They all are, arent’ they?  It just sucks that we get to share such little time with these wonderful creatures.  We get to love them unabashedly, with reckless abandon and complete disregard to the fact that we will loose them so soon. 

And we keep doing it over and over.  Because they bring us such joy and comfort and that unconditional love.  They remind us of just what love is and how it feels and how it should be, in its purest form. 

It’s a treasure. 

Hug your pets, your families, your friends. 

Try to enjoy every moment and don’t sweat the small stuff, make the best of that precious time…. however fleeting it is.


2 thoughts on “Of Love and Loss…

  1. Very well said. I know you said pets and that includes the big ones too. I’ve lost a few horses, donkey’s and even some cats that I will never forget.

  2. Yes it is heartbreaking. it hurst so much to loose a pet: most do not live long enough and then the end comes all too quickly.

    The shock, the remorse, the guilt and the pain of loosing a pet is a donkey punch to the head each and every time.

    Yes I do it again and again. Don’t get me wrong. No cat or dog is ever alike. They all have unique personalities. Each one has something special about them. No pet will ever have the same makeup, act or mannerisms.

    I guess it is because my pets help me, teach me and give me life, love and happiness that create a special relationship and I want a relationship like I have with my pets.

    So I guess I do it again and again because I am hooked to the kind of love I cant get anywhere else.

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