A Peaches Pictorial (Not for the Faint of Heart)

So it looks like Peaches has recovered beautifully from her surgery.  You’d never know that dog missed her leg.  She’s running, hopping, jumping, dancing on two legs to beg for treats.  She’s super cute and super sweet.

Our technician, Carmen is fostering her ’til the end of the month. 

Our receptionist, Adrian had approached me about a month or more ago and told me that one of her best friends was looking for a Min Pin and it had to be a rescue.  “Good luck with that one”, I said, as I thought that was a pretty tall order for a specific breed dog to happen through our clinic and need help. 

Lo and behold comes Peaches who fits the bill perfectly.  Her new owner is very excited and sounds like he’ll give her a wonderful home.  Peaches will be flying to Nashville for Christmas with Adrian to go live with her new forever person. 

Anyhow, now that her saga seems to be winding down, and I have a moment, I figured you guys might like some pictures (btw, I just noticed that I need to figure out how to change the date in our clinic camera as it thinks it’s February of 2008…hmmm)

**** WARNING****MANY OF THESE ARE NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!!!  There is blood and gore!!!! 

This is just after she was hit by the car, the leg is fractured in at least two places, and is beyond saving.


Peaches is anesthetized and being scrubbed and prepped for the amputation.


Here we are, in the thick of the amputation process. the shoulder blade is out, and I'm working on tying off blood vessels and nerves and stuff.


Just like carving a turkey (not)


Finallly....the finished product.


One week later
Here is our baby one week post op. She is very hard to photograph because she's all over the place!


What disability? Look how cute I am!


So there you go.  Looks like this story will have a happy ending. 

Hope you enjoyed the pics (assuming you made it through all of them).


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