The Start of Something Good

This will be quick because it’s my day off and I haven’t fed my kids yet. 

I’ve been talking back and forth with a friend who is an animal control officer at the Farmer’s Branch animal shelter.  They received a Min Pin on Sunday who got hit by a car and basically needs an amputation (there are bones sticking out, it’s gnarly). 

The dog is cute and adoptable and nice (we think) but they don’t have the facilities or funds to take care of her.

It just so happens that we’ve been batting around the idea of starting an in-house fund to rehab/adopt out certain strays.  We’re calling it “Rosie’s Fund” after a (ironically) Min Pin puppy that we had surrendered to us a couple of years ago who had a broken back.   We put her in a body cast for 8 weeks, took turns taking her home and got her up and walking.  She’s a little wobbly, but otherwise fine and living a life of luxury with my friend in Beaumont. 

Rosie wanted to help other dogs like her.

This new Min Pin is called Peaches and is on her way to AMCOP as we speak to be the first official case for Rosie’s Fund. 

My accountant friend and I (I’m not sure she knows this yet, but we started last night and our families are going to the beach this weekend, so we’ll work on it then) are going to work on making it an official “entity”.  Non profit?  Foundation?  I have no idea how this stuff works, but I figure we’ll fumble our way through.  I’ll contact some DVM friends who have already done it. 

I’ll keep ya posted on how this goes. 

Here’s a picture of Peaches.  I have pictures of the mangled leg, but they are uber graphic and gross.  Imagine a piece of meat that’s bent in a couple of non-natural directions with grass stuck to it.  You catch my drift.  This picture is more socially acceptable: 


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