Quick Quick Post on Fascinatingly Disgusting Stuff

Vets are weird, I think you’ve gathered this if you’re a long time reader of this blog.

I just thought I’d check in with a quickie (I’m waiting for a room to open up so I can see my 5:30 appointment)…one of my favorite veterinary oddities came in today.

The Cuterebra.

It’s this super icky little worm that looks like the worm on Star Treck the Wrath of Kahn that Kahn sticks in some guys ear…only it’s burrowed a hole in a dog’s skin.  It lives in this bloody pus filled hole and comes out for air every few seconds.

I’ve loved these things since I was 15 working at the vet clinic in Houston.

Here’s a picture of one from the web:

OK, my appointment’s here, gotta run.

In case you were wondering, I saved it in formalin to  take home and show my kids.

Told you we were weird.


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