A Glimmer of Good in a Bad Situation

I had a euthanasia this morning. I’m pretty sure that isn’t proper terminology.  I did a euthanasia?  I performed a euthanasia?  That sounds better…

I performed a euthanasia this morning.  It was a sad one.  They are all sad, but maybe I’m in an overly emotional state of mind today or something, and this one was especially sad. 

They are a really nice family that just moved here from the east coast.  They have a myriad of day-to-day stuff to deal with of having to move here with two kids in school, and their 14-year-old dog got saddled with a bunch of nasty health issues.

So it was time.  The only good thing about euthanasias is that during that time, I often get to reminisce with the clients about the pet. 

When I see an animal as a patient, I rarely get to see their actual personalities.  All I see is a scared dog.  Scared dogs pretty much all do the same stuff:  they pant, they yawn, they lick their lips, they shed, hide, shake, etc.  I don’t know who they really are. 

There in that exam room on euthanasia day, sometimes, a dialogue gets going.  I learn some pretty cool stuff about how this pet was before he got sick. 

This day, I got a funny visual for this particular dog.  Apparently this little fox terrier was a vapid stick chaser.  One day they were going someplace with the dog, and in the parking lot median there was a 30 ft palm tree.  The dog saw that tree and thought he’d found stick nirvana.  He lit out after the tree and latched onto the trunk, all 4 feet off the ground sideways trying to bring down the mother of all sticks.  Can you just imagine that? 

I love it.  Stories like that make an awful situation a little tiny bit easier to get through.


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