The Anatomy of a Desk

 So, I seem to be having great difficulty finding time to keep up with this blog. 

Summer is traditionally the busy season here, so appointment slots are full. 

Thus, my lunch time and after hours time is spent returning phone calls, calling specialists about the phone calls I’ve returned, filling prescriptions, doing paperwork, etc. 

The stack on the left is the “I called them yesterday, and either didn’t get them or still have lingering questions to discuss with specialists pile”, the next pile over is the today’s phone call and fill out referral paperwork pile.  The chart next to that is the call to follow-up on the emergency clinic visit chart.  The random stack of post-its are all the specialists I need to talk to, the patients involved and what to ask.  The in-box to the far back and right contains the mail I haven’t had time to open and some miscellaneous long-term projects (Like the chart on my friends dog that is getting shipped to London). 

Other post-its are for side projects like scheduling a monthly doctors meeting, finding out how fast the various flea topicals take effect, topics for a continuing ed dinner I’m supposed to put together, a funny quote to blog about (a rottweiler owner recently informed me that her vicious dog “won’t bite me, but will kiss/nip me on the chin, just for fun”…I didn’t really care to find out if that was true or not, so the dog got a muzzle.)  a note to follow-up with my classmate in Belize about whether the flea product she uses over there causes pemphigus, random tips, etc. 

Of course you might notice the eclectic collection of my kids art, funny comic strips (my favorite is “Pearls Before Swine”, and funny/inspirational quotes…to keep me motivated). 

Oh and my computer to taunt me with emails and Facebook posts and the elusive specter of the blog that I can’t find the time to write. 

So that’s what I’ve been up to.  I’m planning a series on the diseases pets get vaccinated for,  so you know why your dog/cat get those shots.   Hopefully things will slow down soon, when school starts and I can get back to blogging .

Talk to ya then…for now…back to the phone calls.


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