The Best Road Trip Food Stop EVER!

On our way home from Galveston last night we stopped in Buffalo to eat at Dickie’s BBQ. Buffalo was the universal stopping point for us on the way to Texas A&M from Dallas back in the day. It was about the half way point. It’s an easy city to stop in on the way to and from Houston too.

Dickie’s is one of the few places that the majority of the family (ie the kids) can find SOMETHING to eat.

I was sitting in front of the restaurant waiting for the husband to get the food. Mia was with me greeting restaurant guests.

A Dickie’s employee came out and said “you know we have a dog park right?” I had no idea. She pointed across the parking lot, and lo and behold: a really nice fenced in dog run with a shaded picnic bench.

We carried our dinner over there and had a very nice meal. Mia was happy to not be tied to the table (which was my initial plan). She was also happy that she got to have the piece of bread that the 5 year old dropped, and a small bit of BBQ Brisket. (yes I’m a vet, but I’m not vehement about NO people food for dogs…you can be selective about it, and it depends on the individual dog, and there are foods that must be avoided…but overall, what do you think domestic dogs ate in the days before commercial dog food?)

The Dairy Queen next door also has a dog run, but it’s not as nice as the one at Dickeys.

Just figured I’d spread the word for those travelling down I-45 with dogs.

Just curious: does anyone know of any other roadside places with dog runs?

The Dickey’s meal was FAR better than our usual meals either sitting on the ground in the parking lot of Buck-ee’s or cramped in the car at Sonic.


2 thoughts on “The Best Road Trip Food Stop EVER!

  1. I loved your article and your picture is so cute (your boys are adorable)!!!
    I just forwarded your office to my friend-Joan Chisamore. Hope she comes there as the office at Parker and Custer has closed.
    Guess who has a Honolulu dog and hope it survives!!!!!
    Luv ya, Pam

    1. Thanks!! (for the compliment on my boys and the referral). Hope you guys and the fam are all well…so nice to hear from you 🙂

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