Day 3, Revenge of the E-Collar

The cone of shame is problematic.

Mia is fine with it. She’s chewed it a little, but otherwise she’s pretty happy.

However, I am not 100% fancy free.

I have bruises on my calves from her constantly goosing me with the collar. I didn’t realize she followed me as often as she does.

Furthermore, she doesn’t fit in her crate comfortably with it on. Last night she started out sleeping in my room, but then the husband put her in the cage. Then I heard all this plastic banging as she shifted around trying to get comfortable.

So I let her out into my room, and basically didn’t sleep much last night because of the constant banging of stuff with the collar as she wandered around looking for a place to sleep or shifted while sleeping.

The husband was VERY cranky about all the noise.  I informed him he should sleep in the guest bedroom, but he declined. 

Guess where Mia and I will be sleeping tonight? 

5 more days.


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