Mia Gets Spayed Day 2

3:30 AM:  I awake to the sound of Mia shuffling around in her crate, the some soft barks.   I do some fuzzy mental math and realize that she needs more pain med. and probably some water and a potty break.  At this point she’s acting pretty much like her old goofy self.   She rolled over for a long belly rub, then I informed her it was the middle of the night and  I need to go to bed.    So I put a T-shirt on her (she showed some interest in her sutures and I didn’t want to fiddle with an e-collar in the wee hours) and put  her back in her crate.

3:45 AM:  Mia has decided that we should feel sorry for her and let her sleep in the bedroom tonight and relayed that to me by bark.  Of course, I’ll feel sorry for her and I got up and let her out and into the bedroom where she slept til…

6:01 AM:  A now shirtless Mia tries to wrestle with Katelin.  After I tell her to quit, she stops and licks her incision.  I goto the car and get the e-collar.

6:05 AM:  Put the e-collar on Mia

6:06 AM: She gets it off

6:10 AM:  I loop her fancy leather collar through the e-collar loops.

6:11 AM: She gets it off

6:15 AM:  I use the belt from my robe to snugly tie on the e-collar.  She is standing in the kitchen, looking resolutely at the ground with the big lampshade on.  I then go into the bedroom to iron my scrubs.  I hear bucking noises in the kitchen.

6:20 AM:  I exit the bedroom, and Mia is waiting for me behind the door with no e-collar on.

6:25 AM: I’ve yelled at her twice for licking her incision, now she’ s licking the plate in the living room that Scully stole from the dishwasher and licked clean the night before.  Clearly there may be some food molecules left on it.

7:30 AM:  Back into the crate after breakfast.  Scully and Katelin get the walking to school job today because Mia is supposedly recuperating from major surgery, although she’s acting perfectly normal.  Mia is royally pissed.

7:45AM:  Off to work.  She shredded a styrofoam cup in the car.  I got her a smaller e-collar.  She’s not thrilled.

1:56 PM:  So far the e-collar is still on, and she seems at peace with it at the moment.   Keeping her “calm and quiet” is going to be a bit of a challenge…thank God she’s mellow for a lab. 

6 days til the sutures come out. 

Not that I’m counting…


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