The Big Day

11:30 AM:  Mia’s getting spayed RIGHT NOW! She is under the expert care of Dr. Sharp. Her pre surgical bloodwork was good, so far she’s doing well.

Mom is a little nervous…

Will keep ya posted.

1:30 PM: She’s up.  She’s crying.  Surgery went fine.  Gave her two kinds of pain meds, and the whole staff is giving her TLC.  Gave her a little sedative so she’ll sleep.

4:44PM:  Sleeping because I gave her some Acepromazine (sedative) because she was sad and crying (she would quiet down if we sat with her, but we have to work 😦   )  .

6:25PM: Headed home…lets see how getting her in the car goes.

7:34 PM:  She holed up in her crate sleeping.  I gave her her pills in some pieces of steak (yes, this vet is A-OK with a  little spoiling).  She was definitely well enough to get out of bed and eat dinner.  Then she checked Kaitlin’s bowl to make sure it was empty, then went back to bed. 

10:00 PM:  Still sleeping.  I have a feeling she’s going to potty in the house tonight (I tried to take her earlier, but she just wanted to go back to bed)  It’s ok this time though, I know she can’t help it.  To e-collar or no e-collar, that is the question.  So far she’s leaving it alone, and she’s puny enough so no collar tonight….we’ll see how this goes.


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