Religion and politics.  Subjects to be avoided.  For good reason. 

I’ll stay away from religion, but is it o.k. for me to comment when a political figure misbehaves in a manner I find deplorable?

Our fine governor shot a coyote in February while jogging.  Here’s the article:  http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100427/ap_on_re_us/us_governor_shoots_coyote

He was carrying a .380 Ruger with hollow point bullets.  I don’t know ANYTHING about guns.  We do have a b.b. gun in the house that I bought on account of the fact that I hate snakes and wanted one around “just in case”.  Gov. Perry doesn’t like snakes either, but he got (what sounds like) a big ol’ pistol with hollow bullets (Isn’t that what gangbangers use to kill cops?  Again, don’t know anything about guns) and a laser sight.  That’s some serious snake killing there.

So, if the coyote was truly about to attack his dog, then by all means, shoot it in self (dog) defense.  But can you at least be a little contrite about killing a beautiful, (in my opinion) social (they have complex family and communication systems) predator just doing what comes natural (or unnatural as it may be, as we have encroached on his habitat to the point that he has to hunt dogs for food). 

He “sent it where coyotes go” and “let it become mulch”. 

Are you kidding me?

World:  I promise you, we in Texas are NOT ALL gun-tot’in’ rootin’ toot’n (I’d like to say something non-family friendly here, but I’ll just settle for….) hicks.  

There ARE educated, civilized  souls in our state who find this behavior offensive.


2 thoughts on “Miffed

  1. Amen, and most of us have an appreciation for the fact that they (wildlife) were here first, & we have forced them to adapt to a new life. They are simply trying to survive after the destruction of their habitat.

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