Decisions, Decisions

I’ve decided to get Mia spayed. I had initially, well, not me: the Husband had initially wanted to breed her. She’s a beautiful dog from champion bloodlines. He figured he could make a few bucks off some puppies. I figured we could have some cute puppies to play with for awhile, then give some away and sell one or two to placate the hubby.

However, after some soul-searching, I’ve decided that I’m really not ok with this plan.

Reason #1: I don’t want my beautiful baby girl to be violated by some dog. I don’t want to go out and find a dog to violate my baby. It feels a little dirty, like I’m a dog pimp. “Excuse me, would your male dog like a little action?”  I’m glad there are people in the world who breed beautiful dogs like my Mia, but I don’t think I have it in me.

Reason #2:   The whole “being in heat” thing.  The whole idea of my baby getting a giant vulva, bleeding all over my house, getting all moody and theoretically attracting hordes of sex crazed male dogs just doesn’t sound all that appealing. 

#3:  I don’t want Mia getting breast cancer when she’s old because we waited to spay her to make a few bucks off some puppies.  She’s worth too much to me for that one.  In case you didn’t already know, a dogs chances of developing breast cancer decreases by about 90+% by getting them spayed before their first or second heat cycles. 

#4:  The whole birthing and puppy thing.  My mom’s dog’s hair all fell out when she had her babies.  She was totally bald.  Aside from that, I remember like it was yesterday the heartache of giving away all those puppies.  We loved all those babies, and two of them died shortly after finding new homes (one got Parvo, and another went to a stupid person who thought it would be fun to take her for a ride in the back of his truck, and she bounced out and died).  I’d probably end up keeping the whole litter and my hubby would divorce me.  I hate to admit it, but I need the Husband more than I need 9+/- lab puppies.  

#5:  This is not a good time in my life of chaos and disorder to add a litter of unruly pups to the mix. I can barely keep my head above water as it is taking care of the family and the current menagerie of pets. 

I broke the news to my mom the other day.  She had originally said she wanted one of Mia’s puppies.  I was very gentle, trying to let her down easily, explaining all my reasons.  Ironically, it turned out she had decided (after watching us going through all the Mia wildness and chewing episodes…did I mention she ate my seatbelt the other day? )  to hold off on a puppy for several more years.  So I got off the hook pretty easily on that one.

The kids are going to be another story.  They really, really want puppies.  They were so excited when Mia took her PennHip exam and scored good hips because that meant she was breedable.  Fortunately the kids are easily bribed, so I should be able to handle that too. 

Coupla Chihuahuas should do it right? 

Just kidding.

I’m already nervous about the actual surgery.  Yes, even though I’m a doc, she’s still my baby and she’s still going through a painful operation, so I still get to be a worried dog-mom too. 

I’ll keep ya posted when it all goes down…


2 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. I am glad you made this choice. Breeding to make a few bucks is not the reason to breed a dog.. I really don’t know many “good” breeders who actually make any real money at it. Not with all the costs involved ( and that can be involved if things go wrong).
    I think there should really be good reasons to breed, like improving the breed, having GREAT genes to pass along and that means on both sides, both parents having been titled in the show ring to prove their great qualities.

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