What Not to Feed Your Dog

This is a quickie, since I’m waiting for my next appointment to show up this fine Sat AM.

Career day is coming up for Aidan’s school, and I usually give a vet related talk. This year I’m going to talk about the weird things dogs eat. I quizzed Dr. Rogers and the staff to get together a list of things that have been surgically removed at this practice in the last 7 years or so…

Here it is:
1. rope toy
2. carpet
3. rug pieces (Dr. Carroll’s own dog)
4. panties
5. paper towels
6. entire dish towel
7. plastic frog
8. door stop
9. coins
10. acorns
11. rocks (this is a popular one, often the same dog has to have multiple surgeries to get out multiple rocks)
12. Christmas wreath
13. broken glass brownie pan with brownies
14. broken Corell dish with spaghetti (13 and 14 or the results of counter surfing gone bad)
15. roll of toilet paper
16. panty hose
17. mouse toy (we’ll never forget this one because this dog came to us on a second opinion, and by the time we saw it and diagnosed it, it was too late and the dog died post op.)
18. quilting thread with needle
19. fish hook (with and without bait)
20. hippo finger puppet
21. teddy bear arm
22. whale beanie baby
23. koosh ball
24. bones
25. feminine hygene products
26. tennis ball
27. socks
28. pacifier

I haven’t even quizzed Dr. Sharp yet, so the list will grow soon…

Have a great weekend!


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