But Not In a Mean Way….

I secretly wrote this down on a Post-It during an office visit the other day so I could remember to tell you guys about it. I found the Post-It on my closet floor today…

I was examining a large, angry cat who had all four sets of very sharp claws and some really big teeth. The cat issued a seething little hiss, which resulted in “the look” between me and my trusty technician–which loosely translates to: uh oh, potential devil cat here, terror alert raised to red, defensive mode activated.

Worried client picks up on our body language (sorry folks, but we’ve all been scratched and bitten, some of us have gone to the hospital…we are like airline security, we take all threats seriously). Anyhow…worried client beseeches: “He hissed, but not in a mean way…”

I’m sorry, but, in 12 years of practice and another 8 years in the business before that: I’ve really not encountered a non-mean hissing cat. Cat’s pretty much are straight shooters, they don’t beat around the bush. The hiss pretty much means they’re pissed. Granted, they may or may not make good on the threat…but we’re gonna be careful either way.

Whether you like it or not…

Oh and happy Valentines Day…. 😉


3 thoughts on “But Not In a Mean Way….

  1. Reminds me of an inside joke from my riding stable years ago. After her horse bucked her off, we were dusting off the rider and asking if she was OK. Her reply was “He didn’t throw me INTENTIONALLY!” It still makes me giggle!

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