This Week’s Mia Conquests…

Mia’s destructive phase continues.  Yesterday she wiped my poinsettia from the face of the earth.  This one made me a little sad because,  I was pretty proud of myself for having kept that plant alive all this time. I had visions of making it into a proper house plant, then  maybe doing all that crazy stuff to get it to rebloom next winter.  Those dreams are gone now thanks to Mia. 

My husband had gone upstairs to get the kids in bed.  I was at my  pottery class (or as I like to think of it:  my three whole hours to sit and be silent and creative and not think about anything).  Mia didn’t get to go upstairs to help out with the bedtime activities so she took out her frustrations on my plant.   Oh, and she also chewed to smithereens and mush a container of Elmer’s school glue.  Yep, she still has a glue-face.

Yesterday, the hubby neglected to let her come upstairs again.  I was at Bunco (or as I like to call it:  get together with other harried moms, eat food that’s bad for you, drink wine and complain about stuff).  This was a double kid-duty week for the hubby, that’s it for me as far as extracurricular activities go though this week.  Anyhow, I came home and the Husband informed me that Mia got something but he had no idea what the heck it was.

I had the unfortunate task of identifying the remains.  It seemed to be the headless, leg and tailless torso of a wooden cow.  I collect Oaxacan wood carvings.  They’re an indian tribe in Mexico that make these really cool colorful animal sculptures (this website has some cool ones: . 

My collection is meager and the animals are fragile, so after two kids, bunches of neighbor and friend kids, moving, etc.  Many of the creatures are  missing body parts.  They’re all piled up around in various spots around my house, waiting forlornly for me to glue them back together. 

Somehow, Mia had managed to pull the cow from a shelf that’s maybe 5 feet off the ground without disturbing any of the figures around it???  Not sure how that happened, but there’s no saving this victim. 

Mia’s path of destruction winds all over my couch and living room rug.  Piles and piles of shredded remains of all her conquests.

It’s a good thing she’s so darn cute…


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