Multiplying Like Rabbits

So, we added to our repitoire of pets.  We have another bunny. 

Our first bunny, Junior America Carroll (named by his captors, my kids), came to us this Summer.  I was in Seattle at the AVMA conference having a blissfully kid and husband (no offense, husband, but sometimes a girl needs some alone time) free 5 days.  I wasn’t really alone, I had my oldest (chronologically, not age-wise, she’s been my friend since 10th grade) friend Jennie with me and several classmates from vet school that I haven’t seen in many years. 

Anyhow, I get this message on my cell phone from my oldest son Aidan.  “Mom”, this tiny, tinny voice says:  “I found a bunny and please, please, please can I keep it”.  Of course, I’m already besotted with guilt because, here I am in a foreign (ok not really foreign, but not Texas either) land having a wonderful time, not missing my kids at all.  I mean I’m obligated to miss them a little, but I was REALLY enjoying things like: the lack of incessant demands for food, water, attention, a butt wipe, etc.  the ability to go to the bathroom ALONE, uninterrupted sleep, the ability to have an actual conversation, with grown-ups, etc.  I mean, I love my kids more than anything in the universe, but I really, really love my breaks. 

Anyhow, I get the bunny call and immediately call my mom (at whose house they’re staying at so the Husband doesn’t have to do solo parenting).   She tells me that this random rabbit hopped into their yard, and sure enough Aidan had lured it into a cage with a carrot.  The rabbit actually escaped from 2 pens that my parents had rigged for it.  On the final capture, they took it to the vet clinic  I used to work at for boarding and safe keeping until I could bring him home. 

He lived in the house, initially, but I soon learned that:  1. Rabbits stink.  2. They eat electrical cords with alarming speed, thus can’t be let out to run around unattended even though they’re litter box trained.  3.  We’re all allergic to him.  4.  The dogs would kill him in the blink of an eye, given a chance. 

I ALMOST got rid of Jr when Aidan was having the Grand Allergy Attack of 2009, but I had a profound change of heart (I think I secretly like the rabbit even though he stinks, eats an incredibly inordinate amount of food and subsequently produces an inordinate amount of poop.) 

Anyhow, Jr. got relegated to a large pen in the back yard with a hutch and a chicken wire roof to protect him from marauding owls, and such.  My dogs have worn a path around his pen from circling it hungrily.  I think Mia just really wants to play with him, but we all know how a play date between a 56 pound lab pup and a 5 pound rabbit would end…

Anyhow, Jr. has done well in his pen.  I worried about him and the winter weather, but it turns out that bunnies can handle the cold just fine, we’ll just have to put a fan out there in the summer.  Fur coats in summer don’t work in the South. 

I also worried that maybe he was lonely all by himself out there.  So we decided to get him a girlfriend.  However, not  in the Biblical sense, they’re both neutered/spayed.

I contacted Diana at Rabbit Rescue with Jr.’s profile and she provided me with Julia.  Actually it’s Juliet, but I prefer Julia.  Anyhow, she arrived Wednesday. 

Diana told me that the best way to bond bunnies is to have them go through a stressful event together.  She told me to take them on a car ride.  Together, in one crate.  So…today, my day off, I embarked on my bunny bonding mission.  I put both bunnies together in my little crate and them, Perry and I took off for my hair color appointment by the Willow Bend Mall.  (Car trips are stressful to bunnies).  They hung out in my car together for a couple hours.  I was going to take them in, but there was a big sign on the door strictly stating “no pets” so I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I’m just not that kind of girl. 

Anyhow, after my grey hairs were abolished, we journeyed to Aidan’s school where I was scheduled to read to his class.  What could be more stressful than a string of 7 year old kids staring at you?!  There was not a “no pets allowed” sign at the elementary school entrance, so I was home free. 

The bunnies were subjected to petting and staring for awhile, then transported back home. In case you were wondering, the bunnies were fine, they weren’t THAT stressed.    Then they were left to get acquainted in their pen.

As of late this afternoon, Julia was randomly running up to Junior and biting him on the butt, and hogging the hutch.  I sure hope she lets him in there for the night.  I was told by the bunny lady to let them work it out.  So that’s what I’m doing. 

Hmmm…I’m going to go shine a flashlight on the lovebirds to see how it’s going….they’re both out and it looks like Julia’s still bossing him around. 

Uh oh, Pizza’s here….I’ll update you on the bunny love tryst if anything interesting happens.


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