The Worlds Cheapest Surgery, and Some Other Stuff…

I’m sitting here waiting for the ice-cold arctic blizzard to blow in from the great blue yonder.  So far seems that the temp outside is rising, I think it was in the 50’s when I pooped the dogs after dinner  (that’s the Carroll family term for taking the dogs out to go potty as in:  “honey, did you poop the dogs?”).  Supposedly it’s supposed to get in the teens later.  We’ll see ’bout that.  We did bring in our mandarin orange tree but I’m really, really worried there is a snake hiding in the pot (I don’t do snakes, I  hate them) so I’m kicking that thing back outside as soon as it gets up over 20. 

I had a French lady in the other day who was new to the states.  I asked her how she liked it and she commented that when she came in for a visit, it was a balmy 20 degrees outside and when she came back she hasn’t gotten anything near that nice.  I laughed kindly and thought to myself, is she nuts?  It’s never that cold ’round here and what kind of crazy person waxes nostalgic about weather in the 20’s?  Driving home that day I realized she meant Celsius, not Fahrenheit.  Ooops.

I’ve achieved a new level of nerdness.  If you haven’t noticed, all vets are nerds.  You should see our conferences.  Legions of nerds shuffling around with name badges and lots of bags of free pet stuff.  God love us.  The good-looking, well dressed ones are usually students or technicians.  There are good-looking, well dressed vets out there…but deep in their souls, they’re total nerds too. 

Anyhow, I’ve come to the realization that my feet are always cold, so Monday I decided to wear two pairs of socks.  One pair of regular socks and one anklet.  My feet are totally warm and toasty now.  I hadn’t realized how annoying my cold feet were at work until I wore the two socks and kept marvelling in happiness at my comfy feet. I glanced down at my feet as I was driving to work and noticed the double sock ensemble and thought:   “good God you’re a nerd”.   At least I don’t wear Crocs…I need the arch support of tennis shoes.

Quick funny dog story:  I saw a client on Tuesday with her black Lab.  She told me this story about her 14-year-old beagle that had this warty growth on her head.  (the warty growths are often sebaceous adenomas that are totally benign and come on with age.  They’re clogged oil ducts, sometimes called Cocker Spaniel bumps as that breed has a predilection.  Groomers often hit them and make them bleed, thus making surgical excision necessary.  They are most often a cosmetic issue).  Anyhow, the owner said it was a big ugly one that looked like somebody stuck a pink wad of gum to the dog’s head.  (Ok, she didn’t really say that, but that’s the mental picture I got, so I’m using artistic license).

So her son comes over with his young, goofy yellow Lab and he Lab starts grooming the Beagle.   All of a sudden in one quick snap, the Lab bites the tumor off the Beagle.  Just like that.  Worlds cheapest surgery. 

I didn’t think to ask what happened after…did the Lab eat it? 

No telling, but the owner’s happy because the Beagle looks much better now, minus the gum wad stuck to its head.


One thought on “The Worlds Cheapest Surgery, and Some Other Stuff…

  1. Love your blog!! Hershey does look much better without the gum on her head….and we like looking at her much more too!! Pearl appreciated her shout out on your blog too. Thanks!!

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