Giving Thanks

I had two Thanksgiving dinners today.  One that I cooked and one by my sister-in-law. I’m so full my ears are clogged (ok, the clogged ears are compliments of my allergy nemesis, Mountain Cedar)   My mom and mother in law are currently in the kitchen cleaning up my dinner.  The husband is watching the Aggie game (GO AGS!!!  they’re winning so far, maybe they’ll pull off a miracle).  The kids are upstairs playing army with way too tolerant Cousin Steve.

All and all, a pretty good day.  I have piles and piles to be thankful for.  My blessings are numerous and I try to make a habit to be thankful for them daily, not just on turkey day. 

I just wanted to mention to you guys a couple of things that I wanted to single out.  I mentioned this on the AMCOP Facebook page, but I’ll say it again:  I’m thankful for dogs.  I’ve always said it, I like cats but I love dogs.  Right now, at the end of a crummy day, my human kids are happy to see me.  They run up and give me a big hug with big goofy smiles, I look forward to it.  Coming home to those wild kiddos is the best part of my day.  They are 4 and 7 years old.  I know the time is coming when they will outgrow that.  The cool thing about dogs is they never will.  They will always run up to me,  jumping for joy that I’m home.  It that’s not a mood lifter, I don’t know what is. 

 The other great thing about dogs: unconditional love.  I know my husband loves me, and should continue to, should I get really fat and ugly…but there’s always that doubt.  The dogs, on the other hand, couldn’t care less what I look like.  They love me no matter what.  I’ve always contended that the only people you get unconditional love from are your mom and your dog.  I’m thankful that I’ve got little dogs to sit in my lap and now a big dog to hug.  There’s nothing like hugging a big goofy lab (yes, there’s a distinct possibility that i like dogs more than most people, I know that). 

The other thing I wanted to touch on is that I’m thankful for antibiotics.  There is a lot of negative press surrounding them.  They’re places they shouldn’t be, our meat, our milk, our eggs and such.  The bugs are getting smarter and outwitting them.  However, every single time my kids get strep throat and they’re better 24 hours after starting antibiotics:  I’m infinitely thankful.  Imagine life with no antibiotics…scary stuff.

Like I said, I’ve got lots of things to be thankful for, and I sure hope you do to.  I just wanted to share a couple with you that I’ve been pondering awhile. 

Have a happy day.   Always count your blessings. 

PS…the Aggie game score is 14-7, we’re getting creamed…oh well.  They never lost a game when we were there (’91-’95 the Undergrad Years) and it’s still a great school academically and socially 😉    The husband says we’re actually doing well and should be down 21-nothing: so there !!!  OMG it’s 14-all now…I may actually have to watch a football game for the first time in many years…GO AGS !


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