A Red-Letter Day

Today is a quickie. 

First and foremost, I am now an award-winning cook.  My chili won first place at my husband’s work chili cookoff.  I never win anything so I’m pretty excited.  Maybe I’ll start referring to myself like the actors, instead of “Academy Award Winner”, I can be “Chili Award Winner Vivian Carroll.  Just a thought.  I did get an apron though which will come in handy because I tend to wipe my hands on my clothes when I cook and have secretly wished for an apron (but couldn’t bring myself to actually pay money for one).  I’m not sure I can work up the nerve to actually wear it (too “Susie Homemaker” for me), but I like having the option. 

The other red-letter event today was I may have met the coolest cat in the universe.  I’m sorry to say, that I think this cat will have to bear the title of The Best Cat I’ve Ever Treated, Ever.  Why? You may ask did I bestow this honor upon this cat?  Well, I treated the cat for a horrible nasty stinky pus-filled abscess last week.  It was painful and not pleasant for the cat and it came out of it wearing an e-collar (aka “The Cone Of Shame”), which is up there with the rectal thermometer in the category of  Things that are Highly Offensive to Cats. 

The cat came in today to get its stitches out.  Her name is Sophie by the way.  I took out her sutures, cleaned up the dried pus from her back, and picked off some scabs.  Then the unthinkable occurred:  after all that abuse, SHE LICKED MY HAND.  MORE THAN ONCE.  I’m telling you , I actually got goosebumps. 

That may be one of my favorite moments as a vet.  It will probably never happen to me again.  Maybe I had some cat food on my arm, but I’m going to think of it as a little hard-earned thank you from the inscrutable world of catdom. 

I’m going to go bask in my glory now.


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