Mia Being Bad…

I’m sitting here working on another, sadder blog article. 

As I sit and type, so far Mia has:

1. Jumped in the bath tub which, I apparently forgot to drain and subsequently run around the house like a crazed maniac.  (twice)

2. Knocked over the big metal trash can.

3. Attempted to eat some kind of plastic wrap from said trash can.

4. Done God knows what under the bed, but it sounded like there was a tasmanian devil under there.

5. Attempted to unravel the rug at my feet.

6. Torn a hunk out of the chair I’m sitting on.

7. Chewed on a wooden truck that the kids made

8.  Chewed on the wicker basket to my left.

9. Chewed the bath mat

10. Drank out of the toilet (which involves putting both front feet in the toilet)

Katelin and Scully are hiding on top of the bed. 

I’m thinking I need to get off my lazy butt and get Mia a rawhide so she remembers there are things she gets to do that don’t involve me telling her to  “quit” or “drop it” or just plain “no”….


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