I’ve Been Remiss…

Good God.  To my small, merry band of readers:   I seem to be totally unable to get posts posted on my blog these last few months.   Computer time at home is difficult (those pesky kids, they require far too much care, darnit)  And work has been consistently busy…alas, the pain of working at a wonderful, successful veterinary practice.

The blog I just posted (back dated to the 1st of the month) took me a good 3 weeks to write!

Oh well, that’s my sorry tale of woe.  I have 10 minutes left on my little lunch break, so I figured I’d check in. 

I got a root canal yesterday during lunch.  Are you jealous?  As I was walking through the beautifully appointed endodontist’s office with it’s tasteful decor and lovely beige carpet, I reflected on how it must be nice to  work in a place where the patients don’t pee and poop on the floor.  

Oh well, I suppose what we lack in posh interior decor and quiet, we make up in wagging tails, pouncing kittens, and slobbery kisses. 

That’s a pretty fair trade.

Addendum:  Uh oh.  Having performance anxiety.  I just added a link to my favorite comic strip writer’s Blog (see below under blog roll). I also commented on his blog about pillows (read it, it’s really funny)  Anyhow, he’s super funny (like I said before) and likes to make fun of stupid people.  What if he reads my blog and thinks I’m stupid? (Ok, I graduated Cum Laude from vet school, of course I’m not stupid, neurotic maybe,  but stupid, definitely not….)  Attention Stephan Pastis:  if you happen to read this, I’ve been off my game lately…I can be funny if you read some of my older posts when I had time to write…   Crap.  Hope he doesn’t read this.  Why did I open my big mouth??!!  Because that’s just me. 



2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Remiss…

  1. “it must be nice to work in a place where the patients don’t pee and poop on the floor”…

    I feel the same way somedays and you know where I work.

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