This is Just Too Cute

lola-may-5-09Happy Cinco De Mayo!   May have to have a celebratory margarita this evening with the kids and hubby (no margaritas for kids though!). 

I just had to post this pic of this little Chihuahua.  She’s got some tummy issues and was pretty dehydrated so we hospitalized her today to give her some IV fluids and injectable meds.  (Sometimes, after a few too many celebratory margaritas…not on work nights though…I wish I could have some IV fluids…)

Back before I had kids, the only thing that brought out any maternal instinct in me was in the providing of care for cute little hospitalized dogs.  This dog is the perfect example.  She’s spent the day curled up on her little fuzzy heating pad under her fuzzy blanket.  She’s so darn cute I can’t stand it. 

Anyhow, she hasn’t had any diarrhea or vomit so far so that’s a good thing.  Her blood sugar did get a little low, but it’s rebounding well.  Hopefully this is just run of the mill gastroenteritis and she’ll recover quickly.  I’m a little worried she could have some bigger problems, so we’ll watch her progress. 

Just wanted to share…


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