Porcine Peril

Today is a slow day.  I am immeasurably grateful for it.  It’s been crazy lately.  Like no lunch break, barely time to pee, head about to explode crazy.  I’m totally cool with a little break to catch up on some busy work. 

Sadly, I really don’t know what to write about at the moment.  I know that swine flu business is swirling around everywhere.  Dr. Rogers just told me I should find a cure for it.  I do have a classmate in the CDC, who is taking a trip to Belgium this weekend to work on other CDC stuff (it was a tough decision for her: chocolate vs swine…chocolate won).  She said she’s going to work on the Swine flu when she gets back.  Somehow, I find it a little comforting that she’s so nonchalant about it.  She’s in the front lines, and is ok with putting off working on what the media is touting as: A Global Pandemic of Catastrophic Proportions– in leu of dessert.   It’s just another day at work for her.   If she’s not worried, then I won’t worry (at least I’ll try).

Thus, I think I’m going to keep washing my hands, and sticking my head in the sand (not literally of course, that would wreak havoc on my already dry eyes).  How the heck am I gonna keep my kids hands and fingers out of their mouths and noses (per CDC recommendations)…especially my little one?  He loves nothing more than proclaiming, in a sing-song voice:  “here mommy!!!” and handing me a big juicy booger.  This is usually while I’m driving and can’t look back at what he’s handing me. 

It’s hard to keep all this stuff in perspective with all the media blasts.  You can’t hardly turn on the radio, TV,  or computer without being bombarded.  It’s a big world, with lots and lots of people and only a relatively small number are sick.  An even smaller number is really sick.   Hopefully, hopefully it will just burn itself out and not be as bad as the press wants us to think (remember SARS?)  Cross my fingers, knock on wood, take lots of vitamins and pray for good measure…

Granted, I’m bringing home some face masks, just in case…


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