Worst Case Scenario

Leave it to my kid to turn Lincoln Logs into a weapon of mass destruction and war.  My  (now 6 year old) son was fashioning guns out of Legos when he was two years old.    I broke down and bought him his first gun that Christmas.  I only let him watch PBS (back then, now it’s Nickelodeon, there’s no hope for my 4 year old) because I was trying to form him into a sweet, little thoughtful reader.  Instead I got a slightly war mongering little republican  (he does read, but mostly the Captain Underpants variety).   So he and his little brother are playing war with the Lincoln Logs (bought in my attempt to give them a more ’70’s upbringing, bereft of technology…failed at that too…they spend way too much time on the computer and watching TV).

Anyhow, while they blow each other up, I’m trying to put my day behind me and focus on right now and not this morning at work. 

Mollie the collie didn’t make it. 

The worst thing that can happen to a dog with IMHA , besides the severe anemia is a pulmonary thromboembolism (PTE).  For some reason, the disease makes all the blood more likely to form clots.   Yesterday, Molli’s labwork looked like she was turning a corner.  Her baby red blood cells were regenerating like crazy, her levels were coming up.

This morning the whole family came in with her.  A bad sign.  She had been up all night, crying and couldn’t get comfortable.  She was coughing up some blood and was breathing hard.  The worst case scenario had happened, she had thrown a blood clot in her lungs.

At this point, Molli was suffering.  No more barking, she was fighting to breathe.  We had to say goodbye.  For the first time I lost all composure.  This totally, totally sucks.  Frankly, I don’t feel like talking anymore, so I think I’ll stop.

The kids are now outside.  One is playing in a big pile of oak pollen, and the other is being a daredevil on his scooter.  Good old fashioned ’70’s fun. 

Guess I’ll just drink my beer, and try to think about good things.  I”m so sad for Molli’s family though.  I’m sad for me too, I think I loved that big goofy, funny looking dog.  I’m really going to miss her.  God this sucks.


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