A New Addition?

So, maybe somebody noticed, maybe not, I was on vacation last week.  I decided to take a 100% off of work vacation which included not blogging.  Actually, my friend brought her 1 year old black Lab, Remi along, and she ended up limping and with diarrhea from drinking too much sea water, thus, requiring treatment from me.   Therefore,  in reality it wasn’t REALLY work free.  I did the best that I could though. 

OMG, my hubby, who has never had his own dog ever has fallen in love with Remi and now wants a Lab puppy.  I have mixed feelings about this.  Ironically, as he pointed out, it’s the same bag of mixed feelings I had before getting a new kid.  I already had a perfectly good kid, things were sort of normalizing after the horrific boot camp that is new parenthood, why rock the boat? 

He talked me into having another kiddo, and we adjusted our dynamic and everything is as hunky dory as our little corner of suburban chaos can be.  I can’t imagine life without my little now 4 year old toot. 

So here we go, embarking on that line of discussion again.  I’ve got enough dependents right now.  Between the kids, the dogs, the fish, hermit crabs, husband, and worms (Did I tell you I got into the worm composting business?  Well, it’s not a business, it’s a hobby, but it’s cool.  It also helps eliminate any rotten-veggies-in-the-veggie drawer guilt, since it just becomes worm food now)…anyhow; I’ve got enough mouths to feed and assorted needs to meet right now.  I definitely need no more complications.

My dogs are old, their biggest problem is that they seem to forget their housetraining every winter and decide that my rugs are their toilets.  I had to roll up the living room rug and put it in the garage because my entry way smells like pee.  We’ve resorted to taking said rug to the car wash to clean it as it’s cheaper than getting a new rug.  No new rugs are allowed until these dogs move on to the “Rainbow Bridge”.   Aside from minor food theft, they don’t chew stuff, they don’t need much attention, they’re fairly non-problematic.

Why on earth would I want to add a wild, attention seeking, potty training, obedience training needing, slobbery, sheetrock eating, God knows what else kind of horror-doing (I read “Marley and Me”) wild young Lab? 

There is the chance that it will only be an idiot for a year or two, then grow up to be a fabulous, wonderful lab like most of the ones I grew up with.  But what if she (I want a she, and I’ve named her Juno after the movie, but we haven’t actually discussed this yet) stays crazy forever, like a few of the Labs I’ve known over the years.  Then what?  I don’t want to be one of “those people” who give up their dog to rescue.   We will have to stick with it..I could lose my tenuous grip on my sanity…. 

However, the kids need a dog that will actually play with them, not just kind of exist around them like my current dogs do.  I think I got my first lab when I was in second grade.  We have pictures of her pulling a blanket around the yard with my brother and me sitting on it like a sled.  Her name was Pretzel, and she was one of the best dogs we ever had.  Her daughter Star was the other best dog we had growing up. 

As many of you know, I am  a fan of mutts, but we’re going for the purebred this time because I want to be as sure as I can that this dogs personality will be suitable for a family with kids.  In my personal and professional experience, Labs are the best suited for this dynamic.  Goldens are too, but they get cancer more than I’m comfortable (that’s my professional  opinion) with, so I’m going with the Labs.  The shedding thing will be an issue, but fortunately, the black hair doesn’t show up well on my hardwood floors.   I briefly thought about Labradoodles, but I’m not a big fan of the really shaggy dogs, they’re just not my thing.  I like to see their eyes and smiles.  Thus, after much deliberation, at this point, the family is going with the Lab.  (My 6 year old wants a Papillon (“Butterfly Dog”), but we’re done with the little dogs for now, we want a big one.) 

I’m willing to wait another year or so til my 4 year old becomes a little more of a big boy instead of a slightly needy tween toddler and big boy, boy.  I don’t think he’ll be a big fan of the wild jumping brand of 6 month old young lab.  The 6 year old, has taken the puppy idea and run with it and won’t let it drop.  He wants that dog.  Darn it.  I could easily bribe him though.

The breeder of my friends dog, Remi, won’t have any puppies until maybe November and he isn’t expecting any black ones.  (I grew up with the black labs and am partial to those.  My Mom currently has a yellow, but her next one will be black she says).  

If anyone knows a lab breeder who is knowledgeable about how the personalities will go, let me know (I want one of the ones that calm down, NOT the ones that stay, let’s just say “overly exuberant” till the day they die).  Yes we could get a rescue dog, but we have two of those, and all their baggage.  So, at least this time, we all want to have the experience of going and picking out our puppy and seeing the parents, etc.   I want whatever baggage  the dog ends up with to have been created by us.  Frankly, I haven’t ever gone out and picked out my own little puppy either.  Both of my current dogs were over 6 months old when I got them.

We’ll see where this leads.  I’ll keep ya posted.


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