My Take on the Sleepwalking Dog

OMG I just watched the video and I am a little bit horrified.  Granted, I don’t know squat about the dog;  but in my professional opinion, that dog is having a seizure (Dr. Rogers saw it too and she agrees with me).  It’s all fun and games, but I kinda feel sorry for the poor pooch.  Epileptic seizures can look like a lot of things from fly biting, to just getting dazed, to the good ol’ fashioned convulsions, and they often happen while the dog is sleeping.  That paddling behavior looks like seizure activity to me and the dog woke up and shot off (in fear???) into the wall?   Not so funny. 

That’s my take on it anyways, for what it’s worth. 

See for yourself: 

I’ve got a pile of other news items to comment on, but I’ve only got 20 minutes or so before I have to commence the mad evening whirlwind circus of picking up the kids, feeding them, bathing them, interacting with them so I don’t feel guilty for working and they don’t grow up psycho, while acknowledging the existence of the husband (and maybe conversing with him if time and child/dog needs allow), then squeezing in some Facebook time and the latest addictive Twilight book (#4, weird but good), then collapsing into bed (TV has been given up in light of FB and love-lorn teenage vampires).     I think I’ve told you that tale before, and and if I have, I’m sorry, but it feels like this endless marathon you know…(not that I have or will ever run one, good God, those people are masochists) anyhow,  you run the work leg of the race, and all you want to do is just rest and put up your feet with a nice drink, but instead, you have to start a whole new race….it’s exhausting! 

Did those of you who live in Dallas see the article today on how “Attitude is everything and how to be happy and optimistic in these tough times?”  First off, I’ll mention that I’m super close to cancelling my subscription because I’m sick, sick, sick of all the bad news anyways.  It’s just that I relish my little 20 minutes in the AM before the kids get up where I drink coffee, eat oatmeal and read the Guide/entertainment section (basically the only part of the paper with no bad news). 

Anyhow, I was glad to see that maybe the DMN was noticing that they were taking a negative slant, but the sidebar to the article was : the “Fed Reserve says recovery is far away”…And THEN, when you read the next part of the article, underneath it is an article entitled:  “The Outlook for Texas economy gets decidedly less optimistic” .  It’s like they WANT you to be stressed and anxious.  All this gloom and doom is driving me nuts, yeah, the economy is bad, we know.  We get it guys.  It looks like it will be that way for awhile, no need to remind me every single day.   How ’bout working hard to find a few good things happening in the world. 

As far as I’m concerned, I’ll ride the ride, save as much as I can and things will eventually get better…

Hope you guys and your pets can ride out the storm safe, fed, sheltered, and healthy…that’s the best we can hope for right?


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