Free Money!

This is a quickie, I’ll post a longer one later today, but I wanted you guys to know because the deadline is fast approaching (Feb 28):

The Bayer company is giving people $20 to take their dog to the vet (for a checkup or whatever). Goto this website:
follow the rules, go to the vet to pick up supplies or get a checkup or whatever, then send them the receipt and you get $20. Pretty darn cool, one of my clients brought it to my attention yesterday.


One thought on “Free Money!

  1. And along the line of savings, & whom among us
    isn’t trying these days; go to and request a free sample
    according to your dogs size. I got my parents
    to do it for me too (heck, they have lots of
    granddogs). If you don’t have a dog – request
    a sample anyway and donate it. -Amy

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